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Twenty-six kilometers west of Gołdap, many travelers are surprised by an unusual structure. It is a real pyramid – the Fahrenheid family tomb built in 1811. A magical place, and one of the most interesting corners of “Poland unknown”. It was built on a square-shaped base, with every side being 10 meters wide, and topped off with a pyramid. Its overall height is 15.9 m. The inside walls are inclined at a similar angle to the ones inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The mausoleum hides inside the remains of the dead, which got embalmed naturally over the course of the years. This fact is attributed to the properties of pyramids and properly designed tomb. Another interesting fact about it is that even though it was built on a swampy terrain, you will find hardly any insects inside. Some dowsers claim that in the place where the tomb was built is a crossing point for some important geomagnetic radiation beams, which supposedly reach as far as Stonehenge. Out of a few similar structures in Poland, the Fahrenheid Family Pyramid is the most recognizable and the biggest one.



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