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Ksiaz castle Gardens of light

Until the end of February 2022, the enchanting Książ castle gardens will glow and glimmer for the third consecutive time thanks to meticulously designed and installed illuminated creations.

Some of the beautifully and colorfully lit-up decorations put on display include the princely ball, sizable royal peacocks, and fountains of light. A special treat awaits visitors this season as the northern terraces are also open and part of the “Medieval Książ” light route. The route boosts the experience with splendid light knights, ghosts, shields, torches, and a new animation- the Knight’s Tournament.

In addition, the Gardens of Light in the Palm House expand with new installations of amazing tropical birds, turtles, colorful fish, flamingos, a whale, a crocodile, and a towering 13-foot (4m) giraffe.    

The Gardens of Light in Książ Castle and the Palm House is undeniably the most memorable and fun event in this part of Poland. All decorations were designed and thoughtfully arranged so that they complement the surrounding architecture and style.

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