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The 17th Jewish Culture Festival - Singer's Warsaw  22 – 30 August

The 17th Jewish Culture Festival - Singer's Warsaw

22 – 30 August

Singer's Warsaw has been the co-architect of the artistic vibe of the city, presenting Jewish culture through various angles. Every year, at the end of the summer holidays, it offers a truly extensive program: from big and chamber concerts, through theatre shows to events and classes for the youngest ones. Because of the corona virus-related restrictions, this year, some of the significant Festival events will also be broadcast online.

Singer's Warsaw means music. Cantorial, klezmer concerts, popular Jewish songs of the past century. This year we will have the chance to hear the legendary violinist, Vadim Brodski, a world-premiere concert FORGOTTEN MELODIES performed by Warszawskie Combo Taneczne and Kapela Zdzisława Kwapińskiego, Slovak klezmer group Preßburger Klezmer Band, Karsten Troke from Berlin or the band Kroke. There will also be plenty of good jazz with the performances of, among others, Włodek Pawlik Trio, the group led by Italian guitarist Francesco Bruno, Liudas Mockūnas from Lithuania and Mikołaj Trzaska. The star of the finale concert will be this year Kayah who, together with her group, Transoriental Orchestra, will present her big artistic ethnic project "Without Borders."

Singer's Warsaw means theatre. There will be an opportunity to see the best shows prepared by the Jewish Theatre, including Golda's Terrace, Beijing, or The Calendar Girl, as well as the stage performance of the Danish theatre OFF OFF/PRODUKTION "Job – a Simple Man" directed by Rolf Heim.

Singer's Warsaw means debates, book premieres, and literary meetings. We will listen to fragments of novels written by the great Jewish writers read and interpreted by Polish actors, such as Danuta Stenka or Zbigniew Zamachowski.

There will also be plenty of walks with historians, film screenings, presentations given by Warsaw's Jewish cultural centers, and events for kids.

Detailed program: www.festiwalsingera.pl.

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