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Poland – a green country for fans of active leisure

Thousands of lakes full of fish, swathes of meadows resplendent with aromatic herbs, white silhouettes of storks wading in waterlogged grass fields, primeval forests resounding with the roar of wild animals, and endless parks - that’s Poland for you, naturally! A picturesque country whose natural wealth makes it an ideal place to enjoy a variety of recreational and sporting activities, especially in the summer.

Water sports, horseback riding, hiking, biking, as well as golf, fishing and extreme sports: those are just some of the possibilities you can explore in Poland – on land, in the air, on water and under water, and even underground. There’s so much to choose from that everyone should easily find something fun to do. Sports and recreational infrastructure in Poland is modern and constantly developing. The diverse accommodation and food choices allow to combine active leisure with comfortable relaxation and treat your taste buds to boot.

Sustainable adventures in Polish national parks

The 23 Polish national parks are not only areas of special natural and cultural value, but also dream destinations for summer adventures.

Enjoy the pleasures of your bike on specially created routes in the Tuchola Forest, Warta Mouth, Białowieski, Gorczański, Kampinoski, Karkonoski, Magurski, Ojcowski, Poleski, Roztoczański, Słowiński, Świętokrzyski, Wigierski and Woliński National Parks. Meanwhile, forest tracks in the Kampinoski, Roztoczański and Bieszczadzki National Parks are best explored on horseback. Specially prepared spots provide opportunities for birdwatching in the following National Parks: Białowieski, Biebrzański, Narwiański, Warta Mouth and Bieszczadzki. Rock climbing and caving are the natural domain of the Tatrzański National Park. When planning kayak trips, you can choose between the Tuchola Forest, Biebrzański, Narwiański, Wigierski, Drawieński or Pieniński National Parks. Sailing-friendly waters are found in the protected zones of the Wigry Lake and the Baltic Sea around the island of Wolin, while the Drawieński, Wigierski and Woliński National Parks offer fishing opportunities. If hiking with majestic views and photography is your thing, all Polish national parks extend an invitation to check out their trails.

Adventures under sails

Our country has a long shoreline as well as a thousand lakes. Navigable rivers and canals allow us to admire nature and Polish cities from a different perspective. The Great Masurian Lakes Trail and the Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska are ideal sailing routes if you want to spend several days on the water while passing near places of great beauty. Modern marinas and diverse accommodation options as well as numerous tourist attractions are a perfect complement to active fun and leisure on the water. Large bodies of water can also be found in the vicinity of several large Polish cities. The largest one of them, the Zegrze Reservoir, lies just outside the capital, Warsaw.

  • Kampinoski National Park
    Kampinoski National Park
  • A bicycle in Slowinski National Park
    A bicycle in Slowinski National Park
  • Narwianski National Park
    Narwianski National Park
  • The Dunajec River Gorge rafting – Pieninski National Park
    The Dunajec River Gorge rafting – Pieninski National Park
  • The mountain trek in Tatrzanski National Park
    The mountain trek in Tatrzanski National Park
  • Birdwatching – Warta Mouth National Park
    Birdwatching – Warta Mouth National Park
  • Masuria – Czos Lake
    Masuria – Czos Lake
  • The Great Masurian Lakes – adventures under sails
    The Great Masurian Lakes – adventures under sails
  • The Hel Peninsula – windsurfing and kitesurfing
    The Hel Peninsula – windsurfing and kitesurfing
  • The Krutynia River in Masuria – kayak routes
    The Krutynia River in Masuria – kayak routes

Acrobatics on the Baltic waves

In addition to sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing are also very popular in Poland. In the summer, the Hel Peninsula attracts countless fans of these sports. You can get there by taking an interesting bike trail along the Bay of Puck. The wind almost always blows from the west or from the open sea. On the bay side of the peninsula, the winds blow along the coast, pushing the flying and sailing thrill seekers towards it. For this reason, this place is considered one of the best centres of these water sports in Europe!

Follow the river

A trip on one of Poland’s numerous kayak routes in close proximity to wildlife can provide extraordinary emotions. The Krutynia River in Masuria is a breathtaking choice. In combination with several other streams and lakes, it creates a total route of more than 100 km. It’s not difficult, so you can take it even if your team has some fairly inexperienced kayakers. The surroundings along the route delight the senses with diverse landscapes: forests, hills and marshes, and a wealth of flora and fauna. A peaceful and very picturesque route is created by the rivers Biebrza and Narew, known as the “Polish Amazon. Great conditions for bird watching are guaranteed. For the pros we recommend the Czarna Hańcza route, which passes through the deepest lakes in Poland and the central part of the North European Plain. The most beautiful mountain rivers appreciated by fans of kayaking include the Dunajec in the Pieniny Mountains, the Białka at the foot of the Tatra Mountains and the Nysa Kłodzka in the Sudety Mountains.

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