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Summer In Poland

When the temperatures warm up each summer, Poland comes alive as a truly remarkable destination. While there is no unpleasant time to explore Poland, summer is a popular season for travelers who want to explore the amazing landscape or go sightseeing on foot throughout the bustling cities.

To genuinely understanding Poland means knowing what it is like to spend a day strolling through a small village in Greater Poland, soaking in the sun at the beach in Gdansk, or exploring a major city like Warsaw.

Summer in Poland is a fantastic time to get to know the many different sides of Poland. The weather will be perfect for hiking in national parks, going on guided tours to see ancient castles and palaces, dining outdoors in a traditional Polish cafe, or just taking in views from the many incredible destinations throughout the country. Best of all, summer brings with it a warmth and vibrancy that extends beyond the climate: The always-welcoming and hospitable Polish people are even more outgoing in the summer season.

Pedaling along

Cycling is more than just a way to get around in Poland: It is a popular pastime and a way to see more of the destination in less time. Travelers in Poland can explore cycling in two significant ways. First, they can set off on a guided or self-guided cycling trip. Routes link up to some of the major cycling pathways, or cyclists could even head into national parks for added elevation and a serious challenge.

The second option for cycling in Poland is renting bikes in a city center and taking a more relaxed approach. Even if visitors aren't quite ready to take on the Critical Mass, a monthly cycling event held in Warsaw, they can still check out the many historic attractions from the comfort of their bike seats. Many cities offer public bike rental programs that allow visitors to rent bikes by the hour, pick them up at one destination, and drop them off in another. This means that a family could rent bikes, explore the city and then drop them off at a museum stop when done exploring. It is a very convenient and unique option available to tourists to explore the city.

Biking enthusiasts can bike through the Green Velo path. The 2000-kilometers long (1240 miles) path starts in Elblag by the Baltic sea and goes through five Eastern Polish provinces (Warminsko Mazurskie, Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Swietokrzyskie). During this breathtaking path, cyclists experience unforgettable scenery and adventure. 

Another cycling path available to biking fans is EuroVelo 13, where bikers bike hundreds of miles along the coastal border of Poland by the Baltic sea, absorbing the natural beauty and fresh air the road offers. The cyclists will bike through eccentric destinations such as Gdansk and Szczecin on their way.

Summer hike

Poland's many amazing cities are certainly a big part of the appeal. Still, travelers heading to the country in the summer also have the opportunity to get off the beaten path and explore some of the fantastic national parks. For instance, at Karkonoski National Park, visitors can hike around the base of the Śnieżka Mountain and make a splash at some of the beautiful waterfalls.

Another top spot for hiking in Poland is the Białowieża Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Białowieża National Park offers miles of trails suitable for hiking. Visitors might see some fascinating animals along the way, including European bison, elk, and deer. If travelers love wildlife, they should get their cameras ready because this is a prime photography spot for animal lovers.

The Tatra Mountains, located in the Southern part of the country by the Slovakian border, remain a favorite for hiking fans. Travelers heading to Poland in summer will have the opportunity to enjoy hiking along the spectacular and uplifting mountains. The breathtaking scenery makes the hiking experience even more special. Located in the southeastern part of the country, close to the Ukrainian and Slovakian border, the Bieszczady mountains are a favorite of serious hikers. Travelers can enjoy extraordinary landscapes and views as well as the freshness that Solinskie lake offers.

On the water

Summer is the perfect time to explore water adventures along the Baltic Sea coastline or around the Great Masurian Lakes.

Located by the German border, Swinoujscie offers magnificent scenery and nightlife. A few hundred kilometers to the East, Sopot is home to spas, long piers, numerous shopping centers, and endless sandy beaches to choose from.

Whether travelers are looking for a flashy, glamorous beach destination or a quiet, secluded spot, Poland's Baltic Coast has it all. Best of all, the expense of staying at a beachfront resort in Poland this summer will be far less than a typical North American traveler is used to paying, making it an even more appealing prospect.

Visitors can also engage in other sea sports activities such as surfing and kitesurfing in the Pomorskie region. Hel peninsula, in particular, is a trendy spot for sea sports enthusiasts. Its green scenery, fresh air, clean water, and sandy beaches make it the perfect destination for such tasks and activities. A couple of hundred kilometers to the west, Slowinski National Park is also very popular among beach lovers. It offers extraordinary beaches and a fantastic setting for relaxation.

The Great Masurian Lakes in the northeastern part of the country also offer an excellent option for travelers who love water activities. Travelers can sail and relax as they absorb the astonishing natural beauty of the region, especially Mikolajki and Gizycko area.

Kayaking along Biebrza River and the great waterway loop of Wielkopolska is another possibility for canoeing enthusiasts. Rowing down the Biebrza River is ideal for travelers hoping to spot some wildlife in action. It is spectacular for birdwatching and spotting animals like beavers and elks.

All of those activities make Poland an unforgettable, exciting, and enjoyable summer destination



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