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With summer over and the nights closing in rapidly, Halloween is almost upon us. So if you're looking for some freakish inspiration to spend this scary night a bit differently, don't look any further. In honour of Halloween season, we’ve rounded up the best spooky places in Poland. Just ask yourself: do I dare to travel there?

Kopice Palace,

Kopice Palace (former Schloss Koppitz)  is an aristocratic estate located in the tiny village of Kopice. This amazing manor used to be the stamping ground for nobles from the whole of Europe.  During its prime, the castle was full of priceless paintings, furniture, sculptures and was surrounded by a manicured garden. Now, there is barely anything left of the castle and its former glory. Just ruins and wind whistling through them….

Ogrodzienice Castle,

Since the 14th century when Ogrodzieniec Castle was erected, it has faced many sieges and bloody battles, making it an excellent site for spooky goings-on.  The castle is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved ruins one can see climbing the “Eagle Nest Path”  that runs through the dramatic landscape. So, are you brave enough to climb the highest point in the entire Jurassic landscape (504 meters above sea level) to visit this creepy castle?

Powazki Cemetery, Warsaw

There is no better time to visit Powazki than Halloween!

This the oldest Warsaw's cemetery and it's the burial place of some famous people. Not to mention, it is home to incredible sculptures in styles ranging from Art Nouveau to ancient Egyptian. On top of that, this famous graveyard comes with its eerie stories and tantalising tales just waiting to be heard...

Crooked Forest,

There is a forest in Poland filled with crooked trees, and no can explain why. Deep in the darkest of woods of the West Pomerania, you can spot an entire section of 400 oddly-shaped pine trees that form an odd phenomenon known as 'The Crooked Forest'. Are you dare to walk through this dark forest ALONE?

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