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Polish treasures waiting to be discovered – treasure hunting in Poland

The Amber Room

The jewel-encrusted Amber Room, looted by the Nazi during Operation Barbarossa in the Soviet Union in 1941 and brought to Kaliningrad for renovation and display, is one of the world' greatest mysteries. Its current whereabouts remain unknown. Some say the treasure was destroyed by the bombings of 1944. Others believe that the amber is still in Kaliningrad or that it was loaded onto a ship and can be found somewhere at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. There are theories that say the Amber Room is located in one the following locations in Poland: Bolkow Castle, Lidzbark Warminski, Paslek and Czluchow castles, or Srebrna Gora Fortress.

The gold of the Third Reich

The legend has it that the gold-carrying train  , which was stopped soon after it departed from Piechowice, its crew being murdered by the Nazi, is now allegedly located in the underground tunnel in Sobiesz mountain near Piechowice in Lower Silesia. According to some other theory, the gold might have also been hidden on a train that disappeared in a secret tunnel somewhere between Swiebodzice and Wałbrzych in 1944.

The Knights Templar's treasure

The riches that the Templars brought to France following their fight with the Saracen became the ultimate reason for the dissolution of the order and the death of the knights. King Philip IV of France, deeply in debt to the order, hoped to come into the possession of the treasure, which, however, mysteriously went missing. Some say it was transported to the knights' temple in Chwarszczany and buried deep below the chapel.

Zagan and the Talleyrand treasure

The large collection of manuscripts, paintings and furniture that Dorota Talleyrand-Perigord left after her death in Zagan was last mentioned in a protocol of 1944. Shortly before the Russians arrived in Zagan, the collection was packed in crates, ready to be moved to Miodnica, Borowina or Kliczkow, while the palace was to be transformed into a hospital. What happened to the 47 packages hiding the wealth remains unknown.

The list of the lost treasures in Poland is by no means complete. There are still treasures, such as the collection of Wroclaw University Library  , 600-700 kg of gold dropped from a plane over the Tuchola Forest, or General Alexander Samsonov valuables lost in 1914 on his way to Wielbark, that are waiting to be discovered.

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