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Polish cities and beaches voted as some of the safest in Europe for a 2020 summer holiday.

Europe begins to ease and lift travel restrictions, European Best Destinations selected a list of safest destinations to visit in Europe. Two Polish cities of Warsaw and Gdańsk and some Polish beaches were among those chosen.

Warsaw has always been a vibrant and eventful city. Throughout its many historical ups and downs, the city has maintained its unique and dynamic character. Warsaw features all the characteristics of modern European capitals. The city is the center of business and administration and science, culture, and arts. The Polish capital, buzzing with young people across the city, is host to over a hundred theatres, cinemas, museums, and art galleries.

Gdańsk is the business and cultural capital of the Pomorze region, imbued with a history spanning a thousand years. The Old Town boasts splendid manor houses, Gothic churches, the Neptune Fountain, and the Artus Court (Dwór Artusa), which used to be the seat of the guild of merchants at the time when Gdańsk belonged to the Hanseatic League. The city's trademark is the Medieval port crane called the Żuraw, which was used for loading and unloading goods. 

Poland's Baltic coast area, especially around the Hel Peninsula is lined with stunning sandy beaches, dense beech and birch forests and provides for some of the best sailing conditions. This 21-mile-long stretch of sand bar peninsula separates the Bay of Puck from the open Baltic Sea. A road and a railroad run along the peninsula from the mainland to the town located at the furthest point, Hel, a popular tourist destination. Interestingly, the only direct bus route to Hel is operated by bus number 666. Other towns, ports, and tourist resorts are Jurata, Jastarnia, Chłapowo, Kuźnica, Chałupy, and Władysławowo.

Visitors can spend their time on the coast relaxing by the sea or wander around on foot or bike, enjoying the area's natural and idyllic beauty.

No matter If you are looking for a city stay or an outdoors-themed vacation on the Polish coast, you will find yourself surrounded by warm and welcoming locals, affordable prices, and outstanding cuisine. 

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