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The Polish government is launching the #LotDoDomu repatriation project to help all Polish citizens who are currently abroad get back to Poland safely.

This operation aims to help Polish citizens who were abroad when the state of emergency regarding the coronavirus was declared.

This operation is only intended for individuals who: have Polish citizenship; are spouses or children of Polish nationals; are Holders of a Pole’s Card; are individuals with the right to permanent or temporary stay in Poland; or are people with a work permit.

The Polish government gives its assurance that all scheduled charter flights will operate as planned. Moreover, passengers will be able to enter Poland by coach, car or bus at designated land border crossings. For those passengers who cannot enter the country by land transport, PLL LOT airlines will open new flight connections. This applies to passengers flying out from the UK, Ireland, Malta and the US. PLL LOT flights will also be chartered from less popular destinations. The cost of flight tickets will remain the same for all passengers. Any difference will be covered by the Polish Government.

All flight bookings must be done on the PLL LOT official website.
Travelling across the country by people who are not under quarantine remains unchanged. Domestic rail and flight services as well as travelling by car remain unchanged.

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