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Away from the hustle and bustle of busy cities, explore Poland’s wild world of nature. Discover stunning landscapes, majestic forests, and pristine national parks along with endless sandy beaches and a land of one thousand lakes. Visit historic towns, step back in time with local legends and folktales or tuck into delicious traditional regional dishes.

Make the most of the space with an adventure unlike any other!

Immerse yourself in Poland’s wild heart. Learn about local flora and fauna, spend a night surrounded by the sounds of the ancient forests and stretch your legs with outdoor adventure activities. Whether you’d rather hike along remote woodland routes, cycle beside picturesque sandy beaches or paddle down the weaving waterways of Masuria, Poland’s lake district, pick an adventure that’s perfect for you.

Nothing beats the heritage of Poland’s natural landscapes. Poland is at the forefront of preserving some of Europe's finest ecological biodiversity. This includes the breathtaking Baltic coastline with its hundreds of kilometres of white sand beaches, the meandering waters of the winding rivers set in deep valleys and landscapes dominated by lakes, marshlands, and wildflower meadows.

There are 23 national parks here in Poland which have been recognised for their unique natural beauty and biological significance. In fact, national parks cover a total area of 317,386 hectares - that’s 1% of Poland! No matter what time of the year you visit, you can expect to find unbeatable landscapes, rare indigenous wildlife, and unparalleled cultural heritage sites. 

Ascend the soaring peaks for mountain top views in the Tatra, Pieniny and Babia national parks, spot the protected bison of Bieszczady’s primeval forests or visit the shifting sand dunes and glistening shoreline of Slowinski National Park.

The largest national park here in Poland is Biebrza, one of Europe’s last natural lowland river valleys. The smallest is Ojcow National Park, a 12km long section of the Pradnik Valley, dotted with otherworldly limestone rocks, deep caves, geological formations and fairytale castles. The oldest park, Białowieża, was established back in 1932 and is a smaller section of the Białowieża primeval forest which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979. Most recently the Warta River Mouth was awarded national park status in 2001 thanks to its rich flooded plains near Slonsk which are home to over 250 species of bird.

Poland’s parks aren’t just beautiful, they’re also record breaking. Kampinos National Park is one of the few forests in the world that sits adjacent to a capital city, which in this case is Warsaw. A braided river is distinguished by a complex network of smaller channels and temporary islands, and Narew National Park’s braided river is one of only two on earth. Stolowe Mountains National Park is home to Poland’s epic table mountains which, unlike the soaring Tatra Mountains, are distinguished by a geography of enormous stone slabs that dominate the landscape.

Poland’s beautiful golden beaches and coastline are separated from civilization by a belt of grassy sand dunes, seaside forests and rich marshlands which are home to rare birdlife and marine wildlife. Explore natural wonders such the Land of Extinct Volcanoes Geopark in the Kaczawskie Mountains and the curiously colourful lakes of Rudawy.

No matter where you are in Poland, natural gems can be found in every region. That means you can explore them without any crowds!

Break up your outdoor adventures with a trip to one of Poland’s charming small towns such as Sandomierz or Kazimierz Dolny. There’s no better way to discover the romantic and welcoming spirit of Poland’s smaller communities, plus both are situated on the banks of the epic Vistula River and boast beautiful surrounding views. Unearth their individual fascinating histories, cultural heritage and mouth-watering local cuisine. Take advantage of holidays in the heart of nature, come to Poland!



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