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Go to Poland where adventure awaits!

Poland is full of unique attractions, all of which can provide a host of amazing experiences. If you're looking for an interesting but safe adventure, you'll find it in different corners of our country. From extraordinary impressions provided by our rich cultural heritage to extreme sports activities – you’ll find them all over ground, on the water, in the air, and even underground as well as underwater.

On the trail of UNESCO heritage sites

Young travellers visiting Poland can fill their itinerary with UNESCO heritage sites: out of the total 17 in our country, 15 sites belong to the cultural and 2 to the natural category of heritage sites. Let’s not forget there are also 4 items on UNESCO's List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Those places and things are very diverse, so there is always something interesting for everyone. They include castles (Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork), old town quarters (Kraków, Toruń, Warsaw, Zamość), mines (Royal Salt Mines in Wieliczka and Bochnia, Tarnowskie Góry Lead-Silver-Zinc Mine, Krzmionki Prehistoric Striped Flint Mining Region), parks (Białowieża National Park, Muskau Park)... There really is plenty to choose from!

Sports and active leisure

Kitesurfing and windsurfing in the Bay of Puck are a great idea for those who like to stay active and love water. Considered one of the best centres of these sports in Europe, the Hel Peninsula attracts countless fans of wind and waves in the summer! The multitude of various water bodies in Poland is also great news for fans of sailing and kayaking, as well as lovers of other water sports and recreation, including diving.

Poland is a green country for active people – check out what summer adventures are waiting for you! 

  • Krakow - UNESCO
    Krakow - UNESCO
  • Kitesurfing in the Bay of Puck
    Kitesurfing in the Bay of Puck
  • A Paraglider in Wladyslawowo
    A Paraglider in Wladyslawowo
  • Kayaking - the Krutynia river
    Kayaking - the Krutynia river
  • Sailing - Masuria
    Sailing - Masuria
  • Canoeing - the Dunajec river
    Canoeing - the Dunajec river
  • Mountain hiking - Tatra Mountains
    Mountain hiking - Tatra Mountains
  • Trail in Bieszczady Mountains
    Trail in Bieszczady Mountains
  • Zadra - the highest hybrid (steel-wood) roller coaster in the world in Energylandia
    Zadra - the highest hybrid (steel-wood) roller coaster in the world in Energylandia
  • Vistula boulevards in Warsaw
    Vistula boulevards in Warsaw

Roller coasters for the daredevils

And if you like an easy shot of adrenaline, you'll certainly appreciate the modern amusement parks we have in Poland. Thrill-seekers should definitely try Hyperion – the second highest (77 m) and the second fastest (142 km/h) roller coaster in Europe, Zadra – the highest (63.8 m) hybrid (steel-wood) roller coaster in the world, and many other attractions in "Energylandia". Situated in the town of Zator between Kraków and Katowice, it is the largest family amusement park in Poland. For a roller coaster ride to remember, you can also take a trip to the "Legendia" Silesian Amusement Park in Chorzów.

Finally, relax and enjoy yourself in the trendy districts of Polish cities

The magic of Polish cities waits to be discovered by every young traveller. Many city districts have their own unique atmosphere. Due to their long history, cultural heritage, unique architecture (sometimes post-industrial) and other assets, those areas have become very fashionable both among residents and visitors. Excellent dining options in restaurants, street food in a variety of flavours and traditions, from street food stands, food trucks and fruit and veg stalls to brunchfairs and culinary markets with local flavours, topped with enlivened nightlife in clubs, pubs and themed bars, picturesque and mysterious streets and preserved architectural pearls embedded in the cityscape are only some of the distinguishing features of Warsaw’s Praga, Kraków’s Kazimierz or Katowice’s Nikiszowiec. And of course there are also the lively boulevards, beaches and promenades along the banks of the beautiful rivers that flow through Polish cities - all waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

An idea how to impress your friends: a series of photographs of visited cities captured from various bridges can become a gasp-worthy souvenir of your adventure in Poland. How about that?

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