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Do you dream of discovering more of Poland? Did your last visit to Poland leave you wanting to see more?? Do you have a desire to delve into the secrets of Polish cities? Or are you enchanted by the aura of the Baltic beaches, the breathtaking Polish mountains or the rising sun surrounded by the Masurian lakes?

If so, you won't pass up the challenge we've got for you.

On the occasion of the organization of the next edition of the EUG (European Universities Games), which this year will be held in July in Lodz, we invite you to participate in a contest in which you can win a stay in Poland, in a place of your choice. The grand prize is:

  •  round-trip airline tickets for two people from a European airport to a Polish city of your choice and back,

and more:

  • accommodation with breakfast for two people for two nights, in a hotel with a minimum standard of 4 stars.

Sounds good, doesn't it? We encourage anyone living in Europe and of any age interested in travelling to Poland to take up the challenge. It doesn't matter if you are a student or just young at heart and love a challenge. All you need is a desire to show the world our nature and rich culture, see beautiful places or taste delicious cuisine!

Take up the challenge and discover the secrets hidden in the country on the banks of Vistula.

The task of the contest is to publish photos or videos on Instagram (www.instagram.com) thematically related to one of the following categories:

Nature & Outdoors:

In a photo or video, capture a selected breathtaking natural place in Poland... For example, you can show how you conquered Polish mountains or walked on one of our Baltic beaches. Focus on a unique, one-of-a-kind place using your creativity.


Take a video or photo of you eating your favourite Polish dish and describe why it won you over. It will be interesting to see which dish you choose!


Record a video, reel or take a photo in which you showcase a unique element of Polish culture. Costume, decoration, literature, legends, dancing, singing, or perhaps a song? The choice is yours.


Take a creative and unique photo in one of the famous places in the selected region. Record a video or reel in which you present or encourage people to visit it. Who wouldn't want a picture with the Wawel dragon or one of the Wrocław dwarves?

To participate in the contest, be sure to send your entry during the contest period:

  • follow @polska.travel profile on Instagram (i.e., you must have or create an account on Instagram)
  • set your profile as public (so that we can find the task you have completed)
  • take a photo, video or roll and publish it in your native language or English on your profile, in which you showcase the challenge of your choice. You can stop at one of the challenges, but if you want, you can go ahead and do all of them! Each one will be considered separately
  • under the contest post, add the hashtag #polandchallenge and tag the profile @polska.travel

Trust your imagination and create material about one of the given topics.

The contest runs from 11.07 to 26.08 - take the challenge and win a stay in Poland!

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