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Ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night. Why is it that horror movies and haunted sites appeal to us? Even though we might be scared out of our wits, there's something that draws us to the dark side! ?

For most of us, ghost stories are nothing more than old wives’ tales, but will we ever really know? The truth is out there but will we ever get to the bottom of mysterious disappearances, ghostly shadows and eerie occurrences that simply cannot be explained. You know - the stuff that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. We’ve all had that fear at some time in our lives - the feeling that we’re not alone. Woooooooo!

There are haunted places in every corner of the globe, but here in Poland we have some tales that will freeze you to the spot. The stuff of nightmares.

There’s no better time to delve into the murky world of the paranormal than Hallowe’en. According to the myth that’s been handed down through the ages this date in the calendar is when we are most likely to have a ghostly encounter. It is believed that on October 31, the day before All Souls Day (1 November), the veil between the mortal and the spirit world is at its thinnest and the ghosts of the departed would revisit us. It’s also believed that on this night the powers of witchcraft and magic would be at their most potent.

Let’s get ready for fright night as we race towards the end of the month and when all Hell may be unleashed (It won’t really - we just said that for dramatic effect!)
So, for all you blood-thirsty ghost-hunters out there, here are just some of the places you should add to your scare list. Enter if you dare!

Poland’s magnificent historic buildings might look beautiful but are there dark tales to be told from behind those pretty facades?

The trumpet call we hear from the tower of St Mary’s Basilica isn't the jolly sound you might think. The tune was once sounded to warn of an impending attack on the city. However, one night, the sentry who sounded the call to arms was shot in the throat with an arrow and it is believed his restless soul haunts the tower - and the city - to this day.
Another creepy spot is Krakow’s Wawel Castle. This popular landmark is reputed to be one the city’s most haunted places. The castle was once the burial site of Polish kings and is rumoured to be haunted. Have you ever noticed a chill in the air at Wawel castle? Chances are you were in the presence of these royal spectres.

As many of us have witnessed - usually from behind a cushion - a lot of the good old-fashioned scary movies feature ghostly figures lurking in the shadows to put the wind up us. If this is the sort of thing that spooks you, head to Drzewica Castle.  Apparently, it is haunted by an apparition known as the ‘white lady’. She is rumoured to be a daughter of Adam Drzewiecki and is said to roam the castle ruins reminding anyone who dares to visit of her horrific story. It is thought that when the Swedish Army was approaching the castle, she decided it would be better to die than surrender to them. Such was her patriotism; she threw herself from the castle tower meeting a tragic death.  Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of her ghost among the ruins.

Powazki Cemetery, Warsaw
This is the city’s oldest burial ground so it should come as no surprise that people feel uneasy walking among the graves and tombs.
Most cemeteries are a little creepy but this one has a definite chill factor. Even during the day!

Sobotka Street, Gdansk
There’s an old-deserted mansion sitting on an incline known as ‘Devils Hill’. The story goes that this spot was a hotbed of witches’ gatherings and satanic rituals. Over the years, the building has been used for many purposes - at one stage it was even the headquarters of a TV station! Rumour has it that very occupant has been constantly disturbed by unknown, unseen forces which have terrified them all. You’d need nerves of steel for an overnight stay there!

If scary stuff is on your itinerary, then go right ahead but there’s actually rather lovely things to see and do here in Poland that won’t have you hiding under the bed!

Happy Hallowe’en!

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