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Touring Poland from Home
See Poland from Your Own Couch: Virtual Museums
Easter in Poland
Poland is a country full of unique traditions and customs, especially those rooted in the Catholic faith. One of the most important holidays is that of Easter.
Easter in Poland- Palm Sunday
Luckily, some unique and captivating Palm Sunday traditions were preserved and are still cultivated in Poland.
Virtual Poland- Książ: Jewel of Lower Silesia
The whole complex, including the palace and the park, covers 9,500 square yards. The castle itself boasts 365 rooms and 99 turrets.
Virtual Poland- The Royal Residence of Wilanów
Wilanów is a real treasury displaying remarkable works of art. Surrounded by lush gardens, the palace connects to Warsaw’s Old Town via the Royal Route.
Amazing Hiking in Poland: From Seashore to Mountaintop
Experience wild nature and beautiful landscapes by exploring Poland on foot.
Virtual Poland- The Castle in Malbork
Built initially on Polish lands by Teutonic Knights, the imposing fortress of Malbork remains as the world’s largest stronghold constructed out of the distinctive red brick.  
Don’t Cancel, Change the Date. Support Tourism
The Polish Tourism Organisation supports the “Don’t Cancel, Change the Date. Support Tourism” action.
Poland launches repatriation flights
The Polish government is launching the #LotDoDomu repatriation project to help all Polish citizens who are currently abroad get back to Poland safely.
Border crossing hotline
Border crossing hotline. Dial +48 22 5238880 for help and advice on crossing borders.
Top things to see in Warsaw
Warsaw has absolutely everything, and there are unlimited treasures to be found. From highly recognised classical concerts to summer street samba carnival, from boat cruises to Praga street art tours, from the bright lights of the...
City break in Wrocław
Wrocław is the capital city of Lower Silesia province. Overlooking the waters of the Oder River for over a thousand years, the city is unique in that it has 12 islands and 112 bridges. Bearing the traces of the Czech, German and...
The 4 Hidden Gems Of Secret Poland
Would you like to go a little further off the beaten path and explore Poland beyond the top attractions? Check out these 4 amazing cities that are Poland’s hidden gems. They may not receive the same fanfare as their more popular...
The XVIII International Chopin Piano Competition
Starting October 2nd, 2020, the XVIII International Chopin Piano Competition will present the best pianists from around the world.
Amazing Experiences in Trendy Urban Districts
Poland’s main big cities are not just the capitals of rapidly developing regions. They have their own districts whose special and unique character is worth exploring. Whether because of their history, cultural heritage, exceptional...
Europe’s newest and most awesome roofed water park to open in Poland
One of Europe’s biggest water parks is about to open on February 20th in central Poland.
Best train journeys to take in 2020
Poland  is home to some spectacular train journeys. From the romantic beauty of Sudety mountains to the beaches of Wladyslawowo and Jastarnia, they’re plenty of routes you can take. As always the hardest part is to decide where to go...
Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day in the lover’s city of Chełmno.
The medieval town of Chełmno, located in northern Poland, near the Vistula River, was dubbed “the lover’s city” and for all the right reasons.
Spend a dreamy Valentine's Day break in Poland
 To celebrate one of the most romantic days of the year, why not celebrate love with a visit to the fairytale Ksiaz Castle.
Vote for Bydgoszcz as the European Best Destination 2020
Bydgoszcz has been selected among the top 20 trendiest destinations to visit in 2020 and will compete for the title of "European Best Destination 2020".
A Polish art collection with a fascinating history is now back on show at Kraków’s National Museum
The Czartoryski Collection is one of the most intriguing and varied art collections in Europe, including 86,000 objects and a library of 250,000 books and manuscripts. One of the most unique pieces is Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine,...
On Narrow-Gauge Trails…
No one needs convincing any more that Poland is a beautiful country with a thousand-year-old history, rich traditions and great culture as well as diverse tourist attractions. Historical heritage, including architecture, artefacts and...
Today marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp
To learn more about the history read Volunteer by Jack Fairweather, winner of 'Best Biography' at the Costa Book Awards 2019. The novel retells the story of the resistance hero Witold Pilecki who risked his own life to infiltrate...
Escape the crowds and discover a hidden gem with a getaway to Lublin
Lublin is full to the brim with culture, history and delicious food and has a very welcoming vibe. Located in southeast Poland, known as “gate to the East”, Lublin is the region's largest city with a thriving cultural scene and is an...
The New York Times lists Kraków as one of the 52 Places to Go in 2020
Once the royal residence, and by far, the most visited city in Poland today, Kraków found itself listed at number 14 as one of the 52 places to go in 2020.
Taking on veganuary this year?
Plan a vegan friendly break to the vibrant city of Warsaw, home to over 40 vegan restaurants where you can tuck into a range of vegan cuisine from edamame sushi & mexican tacos to Polish inspired burgers. Warsaw has also been...
LOT Polish Airlines adds Warsaw flights from Washington Dulles
LOT Polish Airlines will make Washington Dulles its newest U.S. destination.
Visit the Country that Gave the World the Witcher
On 20 December 2019 the Netflix streaming service is launching The Witcher, a web television series based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, the well-known Polish fantasy writer. Some scenes were actually shot in Poland, at...
Contemporary Art in Modern Poland
Spectacular, exciting, inspiring – discover contemporary art exhibitions in Poland Poland has long been in the avant-garde of cultural development. The country’s offering of places dedicated to contemporary art is growing with every...
Best Christmas markets in Poland
Best Christmas markets in Poland for a December break to get you in the festive mood.
The annual Gdańsk Christmas Market
Step into the Festive season with the annual Gdańsk Christmas Market
The magical gardens of Książ Castle
This Christmas witness the magical gardens of Książ Castle as they are illuminated for the first time
Calling all comic book fans!
Head to Łódź's culture hub EC1 to enter the DC Universe to learn about some of the most iconic superheroes of all time including Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman & more.
Wintertime in Poland
Winter tourism is a type of travel which Poland is ideally situated to accommodate. Visiting in the winter will enable travelers to experience the stunning views of snowcapped peaks of the Tatra Mountains, the natural appeal of...
Where to Go in 2020
Get to Know the First Polish Tourism Brands! With 2020 approaching, this is a good time to take a look at Polish Tourism Brands; chosen for the first time, they are easily identifiable tourist regions that stand out from the...
Four royal residences to visit for free in November!
This is the eighth time you can see selected exhibitions and other attractions for free at four royal residences, thanks to the very popular programme Free November at Four Royal Residences. This year the programme’s motto is Royal...
Traditions and Legends of Polish Flavours
A thousand years of history in tasty Polish dishes. Polish cuisine is a magical mix of local traditions and culinary influences from nations once inhabiting historical Polish territories. Most importantly, though, it offers fantastic...
Eileen Aldis - a vlogger in Poland
Eileen Aldis, a Canadian travel vlogger is living the dream as a nomad, making videos about her travel adventures. She left her home and bought a one-way ticket to explore the world, and this time around, she finally made her way to...
Poland, a place to be in 2020
Poland is indisputably becoming a top travel destination for many travelers and globetrotters from around the world.
Culture, arts and crafts
Music, arts and crafts are all tangible representations of the heritage and culture that Poland has to offer.
Family Travel Ideas
Family vacations are meant to create memorable moments, exciting adventures, and unforgettable experiences together with people that are closest and most cherished.
LOT's New Non-Stop Connection From Warsaw to San Francisco
Welcome to Poland!
We invite you to learn more about our country and explore why it is quickly becoming a top travel destination for many travelers and globetrotters from around the world.
Tracing history
Visit places where history was made!Last year Poland celebrated 100 years of regained independence: this is a great time to learn more about the country and its thousand-year history, rich tradition and impressive cultural...
Direct flights on LOT from New York to Kraków in 2020
In the summer 2020 season, LOT Polish Airlines will have a more extensive offer regarding flights from Kraków Airport to the USA.
Kościuszko Mound
Kraków is home to five commemorative mounds, with the Kościuszko Mound being one of the most popular.
Amazing views of Krynica Zdrój
The new local tourist attraction provides for sweeping views across green the landscapes of Krynica Zdrój.
Twenty-six kilometers west of Gołdap, many travelers are surprised by an unusual structure. It is a real pyramid – the Fahrenheid family tomb built in 1811. A magical place, and one of the most interesting corners of “Poland unknown”.
Gołdap - Mazurski Zdrój is this year’s winner in European Commission’s EDEN competition for the “Best European Tourist Destinations” in the health tourism and wellness category.
Warsaw's Multimedia Fountain Park
During five months of the year the vibrant, green city of Warsaw is illuminated by a spectacle of light, sound and water.
This bicycle trail totals roughly 2,000 km (1,200 miles) in length. The route runs partly along existing roads, and along paths. It gives an opportunity to admire captivating landscapes and enjoy sights of the regions it passes...
The border between Poland and the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation crosses the Romincka Forest. Among many different species of animals calling the forest home, you can encounter wolves, deer, moose, foxes, wild boars,...
The Bridges resemble aqueducts, built in ancient times by the Romans, so that is why they are commonly referred to as the Romincka Forest Aqueducts.
American Airlines expand with direct flights to Kraków beginning next summer
With the recent announcement made by the American Airlines and their expansion to Poland with direct flights from Chicago to Kraków beginning in 2020, Kraków will become even more accessible for Americans wanting to visit this amazing...
Epic Trails: Poland airs on FOX
The Season 2, Episode 10 of Epic Trails takes you to the mountains of Poland. Join Eric Hanson as he heads to Poland to explore the breathtaking trails of the Tatra and Pieniny mountain ranges.
Facing Waves: Paddling Poland’s Krutynia River on FOX
For the adventurous soul, summer is the perfect time to explore Poland’s water trails. Paddling freely through some of Europe’s most breathtaking waterways is probably the most rewarding experience one may enjoy while vacationing in...
Plunge into fun
Cascades of excitement, waves of attractions.  Some have a long history, others were built recently. One thing is certain: anyone looking for endless adrenaline surges, pools of attractions and cascades of positive emotions during...
Dumpling Festival is coming to Krakow
Looking for your next foodie adventure? Looking for your next foodie adventure? Head to cultural Krakow to get your dumpling fix at the 17th edition of the city's Dumpling Festival. From 14th - 18th August the festival returns to...
Historic Prussian fortress Boyen in Gizycko
Situated in Poland's Lake District between Lake Mamry and Lake Niegocin, the town of Giżycko is home to the historic Boyen Fortress. Constructed between 1843-1855 has played an important role in Polish military history including...
27. International Travel Show TT Warsaw 2019
This year, TT Warsaw - the most prestigious tourism fair in Poland will take place on the 21st to the 23rd of November in the Palace of Culture and Science. 
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