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whitewashed house with thatchet roof
Established in 1958 by Aleksander Rybicki, the Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok is one of the most extensive open-air museums in Poland
 WARSAW- a city like no other
 WARSAW- a city like no other.
rooftops, church spire, glass mosaic on the wall
Łódź is admittedly one of Poland's most creative cities. Collections of distinct art projects crisscross the town.
Discover amazing attractions hidden below surface All the best things are usually well concealed. In Poland, you can find true gems hidden underground. In fact, there are over 200 such sites: spectacular mines, multi-storey medieval...
aquarium, people walking down a hall
Africarium is Poland's first oceanarium and the only one in the world devoted to uncovering flora and fauna of just one continent - Africa.
castle's gate and walls, bridge over a moat,
The Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork is an imposing castle fortification, the mightiest medieval fortress in Europe, and the largest brick construction in the world.
wooden table, rolling pins, hands making gingerbred dough
Situated in the center of Toruń's medieval and historic Old Town, the Living Museum of Gingerbread is a sweet tribute to the city's gingerbread baking heritage dating back to the 13th-century. It is also the recipient of Google Map's...
Spooky places to visit in Poland this Halloween.
With summer over and the nights closing in rapidly, Halloween is almost upon us. So if you're looking for some freakish inspiration to spend this scary night a bit differently, don't look any further. In honour of Halloween season,...
pierogi in a skillet
Traditional Polish cuisine was rich in game, poultry, pork, and fish. Modern Polish cooking brings back a lot of that savory history into delectable appetizers, entrees, and desserts.
European Safest Christmas Destination logo
The joyful and festive Christmas markets of Warsaw and Gdańsk were reported as some of the Best and Coronavirus Safest European Christmas Destination 2020. Congratulations to both cities!
Modern architecture an attraction of Polish cities
Poland’s Amazing Buildings Many cities around Poland boast unusual examples of contemporary architecture which in themselves have become fascinating tourist attractions. Among them one especially worth seeing is an award-winner of...
plane in the sky
Warsaw, the beautiful, rapidly developing capital of Poland, is full of history and the perfect place to begin your journey across the country. 
“Safe MICE venue” - new self-certification program
Launched by the Polish Tourism Organization as its latest project intended to support the meetings industry, a new self-certification program is aimed at conference and congress venues operating in Poland.
Poland’s Golden Destinations
Sixteen destinations in Poland have been awarded Google Maps’ coveted Golden Pin award. The awards are handed out to those locations which, based on the opinions of Google Maps’ users, are rated as being top notch. From the world’s...
Virtual Poland Learning Experience
Join us on Friday, September 18th, 2020 for an unforgettable journey of discovery. Starting with an enlightening webinar for travel trade and the public at 10:00 AM EDT followed by a live tour of Warsaw at 12:00 PM EDT.
Poland is known for its pretty frozen-in-time picturesque village that you won't find  "on the way" to somewhere else. The fact that they have stayed off the beaten path is what keeps them interesting, and preserves their ancient yet...
Luxury Warsaw
Located just a bit east of the center of Poland and home to over 1.7 million people, Warsaw is one of Poland’s most mesmerizing cities.
Golden Polish Autumn
Amazing views, unexpected flavours, exciting impressions.
The 17th Jewish Culture Festival - Singer's Warsaw  22 – 30 August
Singer's Warsaw has been the co-architect of the artistic vibe of the city, presenting Jewish culture through various angles. Every year, at the end of the summer holidays, it offers a truly extensive program: from big and chamber...
The Great Polish Outdoors
Poland is a top destination for travelers looking to enjoy the great outdoors while on vacation in Europe. The country’s stunning lakes, beautiful seaside, and dramatic forests provide the backdrop for a fun-filled stay.
Spa breaks in Poland
After months of lockdown filled with stress and uncertainty, now is the time to give your mind and body a well-earned rest. So why not book a  spa break in Poland?
Safe city break in Warsaw
Named as one of Europe’s Coronavirus Safest Destinations 2020 a city break in Warsaw looks appealing to many travelers seeking a safe and secure destination.
Crafting your wellbeing at Polish health resorts.
A trip to a Polish health resort is an experience that will surprise and impress even the most frequent spa-goers. While Polish spas do offer top-notch esthetic treatments, they are more concerned with improving your overall health...
Enjoy a much quieter Katowice, Poland’s cauldron of culture
Mines, museums and music approved by UNESCO, Katowice has embarked on a noticeable metamorphosis over the past decade, breathing new life into its urban space whilst holding onto its mining and industrial heritage.
Nights at the Chęciny Castle
The Royal Castle in Chęciny, is a unique location in which history comes to life.
Wellness Amidst Nature
To Poland for Body Renewal! Poland is truly a dream destination for body renewal as well as mental and physical revival.
 Pretty Poznan, the palette of Poland
A city exploding with colour, Poznan is a major economic, commercial, scientific and cultural hub in Western Poland.
Map of COVID-Safe Accommodation
As part of the gradual lifting of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Poland’s hotel sector resumed operations on May 4th, while the catering industry reopened on May 18th.
National Treasures of Nature
Polish national parks are also an exceptional reason to visit the country.
“Re-open EU” – the European Commission’s new web platform helps tourists to safely plan their vacation across Europe.
The European Commission has launched the new website that features practical information on borders, travel restrictions, freedom of movement, public health, and safety measures such as on mandatory quarantine.
Polish cities and beaches voted as some of the safest in Europe for a 2020 summer holiday.
Europe begins to ease and lift travel restrictions, European Best Destinations selected a list of safest destinations to visit in Europe. Two Polish cities of Warsaw and Gdańsk and some Polish beaches were among those chosen.
Escape to Poland
Mountains and seaside offer great summer getaways
RV Adventure in the Land of the Thousand Lakes
For many travelling by camper van or an RV is the most gratifying and liberating experience. The ability to time your own schedule and have the independence to set your own waypoints makes RV’ing the Warmińsko-Mazurskie province a...
Flights between UK and Poland suspended until 30th June
Although the Polish borders have been opened, flights between Poland and the UK will remain suspended until the 30th June. On the 30th June, they will then be reviewed again. From the 17th June flights are permitted between Poland...
Aquatic Adventures in Poland
Poland is a top destination for travelers looking to spend some time on the water while on vacation in that part of central Europe.
Poland to open borders on June 13
On the night between June 12th and June 13th Poland will restore freedom of movement within the internal EU borders. Movement was temporarily restricted in March as part of the controls on crossing internal borders within the EU. From...
Can I visit Poland?
The Polish borders are remaining closed as the health and safety of everyone is the most important thing for us. While this means that you will need to wait a little longer to visit Poland, now is the perfect time to plan your next...
If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle for a while, why not have a go at forest bathing?
Warsaw and Gdańsk selected as some of the Coronavirus: Safest Destinations to Visit in Europe
As Europe begins to ease and lift travel restrictions, European Best Destinations selected a list of safest destinations to visit in Europe. Two Polish cities of Warsaw and Gdańsk were among those chosen. Congratulations to both for a...
Polish beaches voted as some of the safest in Europe for a Summer Holiday in 2020.
Polish beaches voted as some of the safest in Europe for a Summer Holiday in 2020.
Amazing Art in Poland
You will find many extraordinary places and exceptional festivals in Poland offering the best examples of wonderful and inspiring art – both the traditional kind, based on time-tested models and historical aspects, and the modern...
Manowce Palace voted Best Wedding Venue in Europe
There is no better place to say “yes” and exchange your vows than in Poland.
75 years later...
Seventy-five years ago, World War II finally had come to an end. In remembrance of this historic event, we present a publication “World War II in Polish Museums and Historical Reenactment.”, dedicated to sites and locations devoted to...
Sopot- the Jewel of the Baltic riviera
With Poland’s beaches open to the public and Sopot being the crown jewel of Polish seaside resorts, it would be amiss not to admire it on a webcam.
These Polish cities will wait for you
The local tourism organizations of Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań, and Warszawa initiated the #CityWillWait promo campaign.
The show must go onLine!
Have you already run through your entire list of Netflix series that you set out to binge during the lockdown? Do you need something beautiful to distract yourself from your boredom?
Białowieża Forest and the Bison
The herd roams freely, so there is no exact time for them to appear. If you are lucky, and depending on the season, you can catch a glimpse of the magnificent bison on a live webcam
Wrocław on a webcam
Overlooking the waters of the Oder River for over a thousand years, the present-day city of Wrocław is a true European melting pot.
Łódź on a webcam
Łódź is one of Poland’s largest and youngest cities. In its heyday, the city played a key role in Poland’s Industrial Revolution and was one of the most multicultural and industrial centers in Europe.
The Małopolska Province, Kraków and more
The Małopolska Province is where one finds some of Poland’s most visited sites. But for now, just #StayHome and #MałopolskaWillWait for you.
Touring Poland from Home
See Poland from Your Own Couch: Virtual Museums
Easter in Poland
Poland is a country full of unique traditions and customs, especially those rooted in the Catholic faith. One of the most important holidays is that of Easter.
Easter in Poland- Palm Sunday
Luckily, some unique and captivating Palm Sunday traditions were preserved and are still cultivated in Poland.
Virtual Poland- Książ: Jewel of Lower Silesia
The whole complex, including the palace and the park, covers 9,500 square yards. The castle itself boasts 365 rooms and 99 turrets.
Virtual Poland- The Royal Residence of Wilanów
Wilanów is a real treasury displaying remarkable works of art. Surrounded by lush gardens, the palace connects to Warsaw’s Old Town via the Royal Route.
Amazing Hiking in Poland: From Seashore to Mountaintop
Experience wild nature and beautiful landscapes by exploring Poland on foot.
Virtual Poland- The Castle in Malbork
Built initially on Polish lands by Teutonic Knights, the imposing fortress of Malbork remains as the world’s largest stronghold constructed out of the distinctive red brick.  
Don’t Cancel, Change the Date. Support Tourism
The Polish Tourism Organisation supports the “Don’t Cancel, Change the Date. Support Tourism” action.
Poland launches repatriation flights
The Polish government is launching the #LotDoDomu repatriation project to help all Polish citizens who are currently abroad get back to Poland safely.
Border crossing hotline
Border crossing hotline. Dial +48 22 5238880 for help and advice on crossing borders.
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