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Oscypek, Crystal, Amber…

Unique experiences powered by locals in Poland

What do the products in the title have in common? Let’s add wine, pottery and gingerbread to the mix. Then glass, proziak and lace… Isn’t that intriguing? Yes, they are all unique products you will find in different regions of Poland. Meet some local ambassadors of Poland offering incredible products you can eat and those you can take away as special artistic and practical souvenirs.

Let them inspire you to learn more about Polish history, cultural heritage and the diverse tourist attractions you can expect in many corners of the country.

Let’s start with oscypek, a hard smoked cheese made from sheep’s milk. This tasty mark of the Podhale region is a Polish regional product with Protected Designation of Origin status. Make sure you try other highland cheeses, like bundz and bryndza, too.

And speaking of especially tasty and traditional Polish cheese, let’s move on to the Podlasie region, where you must try Koryciński cheese, which comes in several varieties.

In the Podkarpacie region you should try proziak soda bread, in the Lublin region – cebularz onion bread, in Wielkopolska – St. Martin croissants, and in the city of Toruń – definitely gingerbread.

Actually, the best place to get to know Toruń’s gingerbread is at the Living Museum of Gingerbread. It’s well worth visiting this unique, intriguing and magical place filled with Toruń history and fragrant with gingerbread.

The cheeses described earlier go really well with wine, so be sure to visit one of Poland’s vineyards, for example within the ENOtarnowskie project.

  • Oscypek
  • Koryciński cheese
    Koryciński cheese
  • Cebularz onion bread
    Cebularz onion bread
  • Living Museum of Gingerbread in Toruń
    Living Museum of Gingerbread in Toruń
  • the ENOtarnowskie project – vineyards
    the ENOtarnowskie project – vineyards
  • the Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno
    the Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno
  • the Julia Crystal Factory in Piechowice
    the Julia Crystal Factory in Piechowice
  • Bolesławiec pottery
    Bolesławiec pottery
  • Crocheted lace wonders
    Crocheted lace wonders
  • the Amber Museum – a branch of the Gdańsk Museum
    the Amber Museum – a branch of the Gdańsk Museum

After trying all these tasty delicacies, it’s time to buy a regional souvenir from Poland, which can be a wonderful gift for many different occasions.

One such souvenir would definitely be a handmade glass item purchased at the gift shop of the Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno. Come here to admire amazing works of glass art, discover the magic of glassmaking and take away a special souvenir!

You can learn about other fragile but exquisite local products at the Julia Crystal Factory in Piechowice. Meet the magical world of crystal glass! The factory is one of the most original attractions of the Lower Silesia region.

Speaking of Lower Silesia, we simply have to mention the world-famous Bolesławiec pottery. Original ceramic goods from Bolesławiec can be used as novel tableware or unique kitchen decor!

Let’s move on to the neighbouring region, Śląskie province, home to the picturesque village of Koniaków. It owes its uniqueness to a tradition, 200 years old and still going strong, called heklowanie, i.e. making crocheted lace wonders.

Poland is also famous for „Baltic gold”, as amber is sometimes called, which you can buy not only on the Baltic Coast. But when you’re in Gdańsk, make sure you visit the Amber Museum – a branch of the Gdańsk Museum – documenting the history of amber and amber art.

These are just some examples of often unique local products that you can see and also buy in different regions of Poland. Among the local ambassadors of our country who produce so many distinctive items, you are sure to have some unique and unforgettable experiences!

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