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Majówka is a beloved Polish tradition during the first week of May. It is a long weekend that includes Labor Day (May 1st), Flag and Polonia Day (May 2nd), and Constitution Day (May 3rd). While Labor Day was a mandatory celebration during the communist era, it has now evolved into a more symbolic recognition of the workers and the labor movement. Flag and Polonia Day is a day to celebrate the Polish flag and the contributions of the Polish diaspora around the world. Constitution Day commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of May 3rd, 1791, a major milestone in Polish history.

During Majówka, many people take advantage of the time off to travel within Poland or abroad. It is also a popular time for grilling outdoors and enjoying the warm weather with family and friends. Popular tourist destinations such as Kraków, Warsaw, and Gdańsk can get crowded during this time, but it's also an excellent opportunity to explore different parts of the country.

Majówka is a time of reflection and celebration in Poland. It's a time to honor workers, recognize the importance of the Polish flag and diaspora, and remember the significance of the Constitution of May 3rd. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Majówka is an exciting and meaningful time to experience Polish culture and traditions.

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