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Lublin attracts with its fascinating history, cobbled streets, and vibrant architecture. Bursting with museums, historic buildings, traditional flavors, and exciting events, this dynamic city quickly becomes one of Poland's most popular city break destinations.

In the 16th century, during deepening relations between the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Lublin's location on the route between Kraków and Vilnius was of crucial importance. Because of this strategic position, the Union of Lublin, creating the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, was signed here. It was an unprecedented event in Europe. Two states with different power structures, monetary systems, and distinct cultures were merging into one nation. Traces of these events can still be found along the Jagiellonian Route of the Union of Lublin. The most important witnesses to those events are the Lublin Castle and its Chapel of the Holy Trinity, where signatures of statesmen participating in this historic event are etched on the Chapel's walls. 

The trail leads to the oldest religious building in the city: St. Stanislaus' Church and the Dominican monastery, where, according to the Dominicans, the act of signing the union took place. The trail ends in Lithuanian Square with its monument to the Union of Lublin, a symbolic reminder of the city's multicultural history. 

Overall, the Old Town stands out as a crown jewel of the Jagiellonian dynasty. The Trinitarian Tower, the unique Konopnica tenement house, the Musicians' House, various old palaces, and narrow gates evoke the atmosphere of Jagiellonian times and great noble courts. However, it is worth stepping off the beaten path and wandering into the side streets to find hidden little bakeries serving a local specialty known as cebularz. Freshly baked, this buttered onion flatbread is a perfect snack. Following down these streets may lead to the House of Words- a multimodal education center and museum of typography. It familiarizes the audience with poetry and art, old techniques of printing, and the history and achievements of Lublin's printing industry. 

The annual "Carnaval Sztukmistrzów," or the conjures festival, turns Lublin's streets and city squares into outdoor stages for breathtaking displays of circus acts. Every July, hundreds of illusionists, fire eaters, acrobats, jugglers, and other street entertainers descent on Lublin to display and present their exceptional skills and talents. 

Please visit the official travel portal Lublin City of Inspiration for more information about the city. 

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