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Łódź is one of Poland’s largest and youngest cities. In its heyday, the city played a key role in Poland’s Industrial Revolution and was one of the most multicultural and industrial centers in Europe. Łódź provides for some very distinctive and exclusive points of interest.  Once a major hub for the textile industry, now its postindustrial red bricked factory buildings are home to art galleries and museums. Elegantly aligned along the Piotrkowska street renovated tenement houses and textile tycoon’s manors are just a few examples of those things that Łódź has to offer. Today, bursting with creative energy, it’s a city well suited for artists, filmmakers, and free thinkers. In 2017 Łódź was inducted into the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and named UNESCO City of Film. Lonely Planet named Łódź as the 2nd Best Value Destination for 2019. Please visit the official Łódź travel portal for more information and for a more intimate look on city life access a list of Łódź webcams.

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