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castle ruins

The mysterious castle of Krzyżtopór roughly translates into a cross and ax, which also happens to be its symbol. The castle's ruins tell a story of magic and mystique, as well as the turbulent past.

A Polish nobleman and a local governor Krzystof Ossoliński was the original owner of this fortress. His fascination with astrology and mysticism permeates the design of the castle with unique symmetry and hidden meanings. Designed to reflect the calendar, the castle features four towers representing the four seasons, 12 halls for the 12 months of the year, 52 rooms for the 52 weeks, and at one point had 365 windows for 365 days – plus one to be used only during leap years. Even though the castle is in a state of permanent ruin, the walls, bastions, and moat are well preserved, and the magnitude of the constructions is striking.  

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