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Historic Hotels of Europe awarded Komierowo Palace the winning place in the category of New Entry Historic Hotel 2022.

The Komierowo Palace sits about 45 km (28 miles) northwest of Bydgoszcz. Komierowo Palace is located near one of Poland's largest pine forest complexes, the acclaimed Bory Tucholskie. The property is surrounded by a magnificent 16-hectare (39-acres) park. There is peace and quiet around. The building dates to 1924, but thanks to a comprehensive renovation, it now offers a 5* standard combined with the atmosphere of a traditional gentry's residence.

The history of the Komierowski family, the Pomian of Komierowo coat of arms, goes back to the times of Czech knight Sobiesław Bossuta, recognized as the protoplast of the family was a member of Czech princess Doubravka of Bohemia entourage, the wife of the Polish Prince Mieszko I. Benefiting from his merits for the prince, he received a bounty in the form of broad lands in Pomerania, nowadays known as Komierowo and Włościbórz.

The knight Bossuta's descendants have taken on the name of the place they lived in. Thus, Komierowo was made a family's primary residence, which remained in their possession for more than ten centuries. The Komierowski family lost the property during the II World War. The raging war conflagration, sparked by Nazi Germany, violently ceased the centuries-long domination of the Komierowski family in Komierowo. The books from the palace library, estate files, family portraits, and other valuable collections dating back to the 15th century were all irretrievably gone during the war. The crumbling palace, the sanctuary of hundreds of years of tradition and history, was repurchased (not returned) by the Komierowski Family in 1997. Historic Hotels of Europe awarded Komierowo Palace the winning place in the category of New Entry Historic Hotel 2022.

The Historic Hotels of Europe handpicks dream properties in captivating destinations across the continent, all inspired by millennia of prosperity, charm, intrigue, romance, and cultured creativity. Many tourists, culture seekers, and history lovers voted for their favorite nominated properties in the eighth edition of the Historic Hotels of Europe Awards 2022. This year, you could vote for ten different categories, two of which were new: the Historic Hotel Sustainability Award and the New Entry Historic Hotel Award. These awards gave us the chance to celebrate a variety of hotels in our Collection for a variety of accomplishments.


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