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Hit the water for some summer-fun

Get active amongst Poland’s green countryside along the Nysa Kłodzka River

Hit the water for some summer-fun on Nysa Kłodzka Gorge in the Sudetes where the Polish countryside provides a scenic backdrop to your rafting adventure. Sail through an ancient valley, slide between colourful meadows and race past steep rocks and tall forests. Visitors have the chance to take a glimpse of the local wildlife including heron, grebes, deer and wild boar. The white water rafting trail in Bardo runs through the Bardzki Gorge, one of the most beautiful areas in Poland, where you will work as a team to navigate the sharp bends and fast currents. For the more skilled adrenaline-seekers, try white water kayaking in the Sudetes through majestic mountain rivers. For something totally different, take a relaxing gondola cruise over the Młynówka Channel where you can admire the historic parts of Kłodzko at a much slower pace. Helpful link: www.ski-raft.com

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