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Travelers looking for a good hike will find plenty of reasons to plan a trip to Poland. Whether you enjoy weeklong hikes that span many miles or just want to take a day or two out of city sightseeing to get in touch with nature, the layout of Poland’s land will provide you with precisely what you want.

Poland is a nature lover’s paradise, and it does not exclude any type of hiker. Mountains, hills, seas, lakes, and forests are all here waiting to impress you with their picturesque beauty and extensive trails. You can climb the country’s tallest mountains or stick to level land through the forests and around the lakes. It is up to you. No matter where you go, you’ll catch more than a passing glimpse of extraordinary flora and fauna, and you’re guaranteed to come home with pictures that look like postcards, even if your photography skills leave something to be desired.

If you’re going for a long-term hike, you’ll find plenty of places to stay along the way, although a bit of advance planning can help you relax and focus on enjoying the journey. Camping sites and mountain hostels, and huts are readily available in all the popular hiking areas. At the same time, hotels are also a possibility as many trails begin or end in city centers.

The trails in the High Tatras near the Slovakian border offer some of the most remarkable sights, from crystal clear lakes to rainbow-colored rocks. This may be the smallest alpine range in Europe, but it packs a big punch. The trails are clearly marked, and getting lost is difficult, although it never hurts to bring a map along.

A good place for a less strenuous hike is Słowiński National Park. This can provide you with the unique experience of hiking over moving sand dunes and offer you the opportunity to see an interesting variety of uncommon birds.

You can enlist the help of hiking tour companies to make arrangements if you’d like. They can take care of the logistics for you and plan everything from transportation to lodging to route planning. Guided tours are recommended for more remote areas or rugged terrain.

The summer is the best time for hiking in Poland, but it also draws the biggest crowds, so stick to June or September if you want to encounter fewer people. Some mountain trails are closed in the winter, so be sure to plan ahead. Also, keep in mind that hiking in national parks is only permitted on designated trails.

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