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EDEN, or European Destinations of Excellence is a project inaugurated by the European Commission in 2006. Poland joined it in 2009. Its goal is to create a European network of tourist areas and products, which until now are hardly recognizable, but have unique values for Europe's natural and cultural heritage. The award winners of the competition are products managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, i.e. with respect for local culture and traditions, natural resources and local economy. This year’s theme was health tourism and wellness.

Gołdap is the only health resort in the Warmia and Mazury region, a rapidly developing tourist and leisure centre, and a member of the elite Cittaslow international association of towns. It has the cleanest air in Poland. You can find here the Masurian Brine Graduation Tower, the fourth largest in Poland. Interesting is Zdrój – modern pump room for serving mineral and curative waters, also featuring a salt cave and working all year round  mini graduation tower. Nearby, there are footpaths and cycle trails, a modern  playground and a mini golf course. Moreover, there is a jetty on the lake, divided by the Russian-Polish border. There is a border crossing point to Russia 4 km from centre of the town, and the Lithuanian border is only 40 km away.

Patients with rheumatological, nervous system, digestive system, lower respiratory tract, women's diseases and orthopedic-traumatic, cardiological and hypertensive problems can seek professional help in the Gołdapian health resort. The treatment process involves the use of peloid mud produced in Gołdap, as well as medicinal and mineral waters.

In addition to the virtues of its spa and landscape, Gołdap has ideal conditions for recreation and leisure all year-round. The East of Poland Cycling Trail Green Velo runs through here. It begins in Elbląg and ends in Końskie near Kielce, so it runs through five voivodeships in the eastern part of the country. Furthermore, there are 170 km of picturesque bicycle routes in the vicinity of Gołdap. The ski station on Piękna Góra is famous for a unique revolving café at the summit, a chairlift and two kilometers of artificially snowed and lightened ski runs. The professional ski and snowboard school, surface lift, luge track and a ropes course work here.

There is in nearby Rapa a tomb from the 19th century of the family Farenheid in the shape of a pyramid. There are in Stańczyki monumental arch bridges so-called “ Aqueducts of the North”. It is worth to visit Puszcza Romincka ( Romincka Forest), visit bunkers  from the 2 World War  in the Kumiecie Forest and take part in bloodless safari in Zatyki. Lovers of hunting with a camera  won’t be disappointed. In forests in Gołdap you can encounter a wolf, a lynx or elk.

Gourmets should taste outstanding honeys from local beekeepers, honored with certificate of the culinary heritage.  It is  produced in apiaries hidden away in the wilderness. Unique dish are kartacze, a stuffed potato dumpling, from the Polish-Lithuanian borderland. They are served with cracklings from bacon or chopped, glazed onion.

Gołdap is a town of healthy, peaceful living. You can breathe easily here.


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