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Flavours of Rural Poland

Discover amazing assets of the Polish countryside

The Polish countryside and Polish cuisine are a perfect pair of tourism assets that harmonise  seamlessly with the slow life and slow food trends that so many tourists look for today. Embedded in idyllic and charming landscapes but boasting modern and often luxurious accommodation, the Polish countryside is a great idea for a holiday where you are surrounded by nature and get to explore some extraordinary tourist resources, including unique flavours based on regional and local products.

Polish food, natural and organic, is a good foundation in creating a trend for slow tasting and savouring of meals and local products in a unique setting. Many beautiful corners of Poland are model examples of how a traditional cultural landscape cultivated for generations can be preserved together with its embedded elements of a valuable and often primeval natural environment.

To get a taste of rural Poland, choose one of the many culinary routes designed from a desire to highlight the distinctiveness of local cuisines, unusual traditions, and special ways of producing food. Whichever trail you choose, you will find many delightful places and meet wonderful and hospitable people. Each route has its own original history woven from many strands like a complex fabric, embellished with features of local culture, customs, stories of olden times, and unconventional personalities. These stories add extra flavour to the dishes that developed on such rich cultural soil. Poland’s many regions offer several dozen culinary trails covering rural areas and fascinating sites in the countryside.

Let’s add winemaking to the mix, as it has recently been developing the most rapidly in our country’s history. Małopolska and Podkarpacie in south-eastern Poland are large vineyard regions, while the cradle of industrial vine cultivation, where it has continued the longest in northern Europe, is the Lubusz Land. Fans of enotourism should definitely travel along the Lubusz Trail of Wine and Honey, combining the tour with participation in Poland’s biggest annual winemaking event in September: the Zielona Góra Wine Festival. Other enotourism routes are also worth exploring, to mention the Małopolska Wine Route, the Carpathian Wine Route, the Subcarpathian Wine Trail, the Jasło Wine Route, the Sandomierz Winemaking Route, the Roztocze Wine Trail, and the Lower Silesian Beer and Wine Trail.

Alongside undeniably exceptional culinary assets, the Polish countryside offers many more attractions – those typical for holidays among nature and idyllic landscapes, but also ones that are unique or unusual, such as agritourism farms that breed alpacas or snails. You will also find many cottage industry places that make delicious cheese, processed meat products, honey, local beverages, and more.

Explore the unique assets of rural Poland and its exceptional culinary attractiveness!

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