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Family Time in Warsaw

A family day trip to Warsaw can sure be a bunch of fun. The range of possible activities is extensive, entertaining, and age-appropriate, and even crummy weather will not put a damper on the grand family fun. 

You can start your family outing with a morning visit to the Warsaw Zoological Garden. Some of the most worth seeing places in the Garden include the aquarium, the birdhouse, great apes, elephants, rhinoceroses, reptiles, giraffes, lions, a shark, and a hippopotamus. Regular feeding hours allow the visitors to schedule their visit to observe various animals at meal time. 

Later in the day, the Copernicus Science Center is a perfect destination for young scientists. This modern and highly interactive educational hub reveals science mysteries through active participation in experiments and games. Here, kids can learn about space, astronomy, robotics, and even human emotions. 

Warsaw’s boulevards along the Vistula River embankments are an ideal location for a family stroll. Trendy bars and clubs, charming cafes, and outdoor events attract locals and visitors alike. Another attraction is the sandy river beaches, which are the perfect place to relax. A cruise down the river is a chance to see the city from a different perspective.

The Multimedia Fountain Park, located on the left bank of the Vistula at the foot of the Old Town, is a wonderful spot to visit on Friday or Saturday evenings. Once night falls, the show begins with water, lights, and sounds, creating a synchronized and colorful display.

Out of town

About 60 miles south of Warsaw lays the Illusion Farm. This whole park is dedicated to the wonders of optical illusion. Giant furniture, upside-down houses, labyrinths, the house of mirrors, live illusionists, and other fascinating exhibits will make your family visit memorable. The park has a separate outdoor picnic area and designated grilling space.

For adventure and fun, you can try the Rope Park in the Bielany district of Warsaw, roughly 5 miles north of the city center. Easily accessible by bike, your whole family can enjoy the day climbing ropes, scaling fences, crossing rope bridges, and zip lining. Different routes are secured, scaled for difficulty, and are age appropriate.      

If your family enjoys classical music, paying a visit to Żelazowa Wola is a must. Best known as the birthplace of Fryderyk Chopin, this location should be on your list. There are permanent exhibitions and musical events in Fryderyk Chopin’s birthplace manor and the reception pavilion. The surrounding park grounds are ideal for a family outing, with Chopin’s music playing on hidden speakers installed throughout the park.

For those searching for peace and quiet, then Hotel Narvil Conference & Spa is an extraordinary place located in the forest and at the banks of the Narew River, only 40 minutes from the center of Warsaw. The hotel offers over 55 miles of bike trails running through spectacular and serene Polish nature. Yachting and fishing are also possible from the hotel’s marina. In the nearby town, you can also visit “The Syrkus house,” best known for hosting Pablo Picasso during his stay in Poland. 

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