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Easter eggs

Poland, a country steeped in history and rich in cultural heritage, has diverse traditions and customs rooted in its solid Catholic faith. Easter is one of the most important and beloved of all the holidays celebrated in Poland.

The Easter season begins on Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem. On that day, colorful "palms," made from willow branches and decorated with evergreen plants, are brought into churches throughout the country. Some of these palms can reach an impressive height of over 19 feet. A unique festival takes place on Palm Sunday in Lipnica Murowana's market square, where locals compete to produce the tallest plaited palm, some reaching up to 65 feet tall.

Holy Week, which follows Palm Sunday, is a solemn and sacred time for the faithful. Polish families prepare their homes for Easter by engaging in spring-cleaning, shopping, and preparing traditional foods associated with the holiday. One of Poland's most colorful and cherished Easter traditions is the creation of "pisanki," intricately hand-painted and decorated Easter eggs.

On Easter Saturday, baskets of traditional Easter foods, such as eggs, smoked meats, and babka, are taken to church to be blessed. This food is then consumed as part of the Easter Sunday meal, known as the Easter Breakfast. This meal typically includes hard-boiled eggs, cold cuts, vegetable salads, and other dishes.

Easter Monday is a family holiday in Poland, known as Śmigus Dyngus or Wet Monday, and is celebrated with a unique tradition of pouring water on each other. No one is safe from this playful tradition, which is said to symbolize purification and cleansing. Young people especially enjoy this tradition, and it is common to see groups of them roaming the streets, armed with water guns and buckets of water, ready to drench their friends and family.

Poland's rich Catholic heritage is celebrated and showcased through its unique Easter traditions, from the colorful palms and "pisanki" eggs to the cherished Easter Breakfast and playful Śmigus Dyngus festivities.

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