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Discover the Wooden Architecture Route of the Podkarpackie region

The Wooden Architecture Route is one of the largest interregional undertakings created to propagate local cultural heritage. The trail connects the most treasured wooden structures located in the provinces of southern Poland, and even beyond the country borders extending to Ukraine. In the Podkarpackie province, the trail is 1,202 km (746 miles) long.

The Wooden Architecture Route in Podkarpacie includes over 130 unique structures. Its attractions include Catholic and Orthodox churches, open-air museums, small-town homes, manors, and palaces.

Undoubtedly, the trail's distinguishing features are the UNESCO sites and the Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok. The Museum in Sanok is the largest open-air museum in Poland which genuinely reflects the ambiance of villages and towns in southeastern Poland as they were many years ago. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed structures in the Podkarpacie region include two historic churches in Blizne and Haczów and four Orthodox churches in Chotyniec, Radruż, Smolnik and Turzańsk, distinguished by their masterful workmanship and long histories.

The Podkarpackie route of wooden architecture monuments

The Wooden Architecture Route is divided into trails. There are nine suggestions for spending time in Podkarpacie and getting to know the local multicultural history, as well as the rich heritage exhibited in numerous churches and secular folk architecture.

Route I Krosno - Brzozów

Route II Sanok - Dynów

Route III Ustrzyki - Lesko

Route IV Sanok - Dukla

Route V Przemyśl

Route VIl Lubaczów

Route VII Rzeszów - Jarosław

Route VIII Dębica - Ropczyce

Route IXTarnobrzeg - Nisko

The Cross-border Wooden Architecture Route as a chance to preserve the unique heritage of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland’s cultural heritage project is being implemented from November 2019 to November 2021 by the Podkarpackie Regional Tourist Board and the "Euroregion Carpathians - Ukraine" Association of Local Self-Governments.

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