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Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day in the lover’s city of Chełmno.

Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day in the lover’s city of Chełmno.

Only relatively recently, the Western-style celebration of Valentine’s Day or Walentynki entered mainstream Polish culture. Nevertheless, Poles quickly picked up on romantic celebrations. One place in Poland especially important to all the couples on Valentine’s Day, is the city of Chełmno. The medieval town of Chełmno, located in northern Poland, near the Vistula River, was dubbed “the lover’s city” and for all the right reasons.  As it turns out, for centuries, the local Parish Church of the Assumption stored a priceless St. Valentine relic. It is believed to be a bit of bone from the patron saint’s skull. This relic is the focal point of the city’s annual Feast of Saint Valentine. On February 14th, the town’s center fills up with a cheerful crowd of people looking forward to being entrained by various street performers, colorful parades and music concerts. Couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries can attend a dedicated mass in the Parish Church. Food stalls with local fare, heart-shaped sweets and other wonderful snacks complete the festive ambiance and create a perfect and exceptional way to spend Valentine’s Day in Chełmno, Poland.    

To learn more about Chełmno and local traditions, please visit the official Chełmno travel portal https://chelmno.pl/en/miasto-zakochanych/

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