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Poland is home to some spectacular train journeys. From the romantic beauty of Sudety mountains to the beaches of Wladyslawowo and Jastarnia, they’re plenty of routes you can take. As always the hardest part is to decide where to go first.

  • Walbrzych to Klodzko

This one hour, 30 minute journey through the stunning Sudety mountains is undoubtedly one of the most scenic railway trips you can take in Poland. At a cost of around just £2.50 one way, you’ll travel through three tunnels and across nine bridges while taking in some of the most beautiful natural scenery the country has to offer.

  • Reda to Hel

Departing from the popular seaside town of Reda in north-western Poland, the 213 train will take you through numerous charming local villages including Wladyslawowo, Jastarnia, and Kuznica on your way to Hel. You’ll also travel via the 35-km-long Hel peninsula, which is comprised almost entirely of sand. You’ll be surprised at just how many idyllic beaches and coastal landscapes you pass, with a one-way ticket costing just £3.35.

  • Warsaw to Gdansk

The stations themselves make this journey worthwhile, with Gdansk boasting nineteenth-century Neo-Renaissance architecture that contrasts with Warsaw Central’s 1970s brutalism. Along the way you’ll cross the landmark turreted bridge over Vistula, which was once the longest in Europe, as well as the bridge across the river Nogat at Malbork, where one of Europe’s biggest surviving medieval castles rises spectacularly into view.

  • Walbrzych
  • Klodzko
  • Jastarnia
  • Warszawa
  • Gdansk

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