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Aquatic Adventures in Poland

Poland is a top destination for travelers looking to spend some time on the water while on vacation in that part of central Europe.

The country's stunning lakes, beautiful seaside, and winding rivers provide the backdrop for a fun-filled vacation certain to invigorate the outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Poland has a vast network of interconnected lakes that are ideal for any waterborne adventure. Whether you enjoy kayaking, canoeing, rafting, or a little bit of everything, Poland's open waters will not disappoint. Perhaps you are just looking for a leisurely row to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Polish lakes or crave a more challenging rafting trip through rough waters. Either way, you can find a specific route to appeal to your personal preference and skill. 

A popular way to navigate through the thousands of possible waterways is through a guided tour. Arrangements can be made for individuals as well as groups. Excursions can range from a few hours to several days. Craft rentals, food, and lodging can be found along many routes so that solitary boaters can also explore on their own. 

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