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10 Amazing running locations in Poland

Take yourself off the beaten track or explore the best urban running trails in Poland. Here are some of the best places to run free.

1 The Baltic Coast

Running the Polish coast can be unforgettable. There is plenty to choose from: a 10-15 kilometre run east or west of Międzyzdroje, the flat beaches of Tricity or the forest paths of the Vistula Spit.

2 The Mazury Lake District

Stunning lakes and forest paths are just some of the attractions the Maury have to offer. Starting in Gałkowo, you can run along the Krutynia River, enjoying the natural beauty of Pisz forest. 

3 Lake Rusalka in Poznań

This 5-kilometre loop starts at the Olympia Stadium and follows the dirt path around Lake Rusalka. Marked every 500 metres, it is good for flat and uphill running.

4 Blonia Common Green in Cracow

This most popular Cracow’s running track follows the 3.5-kilometre tarmac route around Blonia Common Green.

5 Kampinos National Park

The second largest park in Poland with a number of long-distance running tracks. If you like winding paths, dunes and swamps, then the path between Roztoka and Granica villages is highly recommended.

6 Niedzica

A scenic lake, the 14th-century castle and massive cliffs make Niedzica a breathtaking place to run. Starting at the castle and following the 8.5-kilometre route northeast , you eventually get to Frydman, a late 13th-century village with some historic landmarks to explore.

7 Lazienki Park in Warsaw

Lazienki Park is the largest park in Warsaw with lots of paths for walking or running in beautiful surroundings.

8 The Karkonosze Mountains

You will find a number of challenging running tracks here, such as the 11.5-kilometre running track beginning at the medieval Wang Temple and following along the Karkonosze Mountain Ridge up to Śnieżka peak.

9 The Bieszczady Mountains

The 80-kilometres track of the Butchers Run can be challenging, but you can choose any of its shorter sections and still enjoy running uphill.

10 The Vistula Bank in Warsaw

Discover the natural beauty of the right bank of the Vistula in Warsaw. Beginning at Grot-Rowecki Bridge, there is a nearly 10-kilometre marked gravel path running up to Siekierkowski Bridge.

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