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“Silesian Flavors” Festival- a delicious journey

Polish regions pride themselves on their culinary traditions and distinctive features. Those qualities grew out of specific geographical conditions, local customs, history, and sometimes the influence of neighboring cultures. Polish cuisine is an enticing mixture of local traditions, fresh produce, and exquisite flavors. Each region has its culinary gems and regional specialties well worth sampling. A food tour of Poland is a beautiful and delicious journey.

Attending a local food festival is the best possible way to sample some of those delicious dishes and fares. One such event is just around the corner. The XVI edition of “Silesian Flavors” festival is taking place on June 19th, 2022 in Zabrze. The fair is organized by the Silesian Tourism Organization and aims to promote regional cuisine of the Silesia region and maintain the local culinary traditions. The festival is also a recipient of the Polish Tourism Organization’s Best Tourism Product Award in 2007.

Silesian fare is strongly influenced by German, Austrian, Czech, and Polish cooking styles. The most quintessential dish is a delightful composition of a beef roulade stuffed with bacon and pickle, Śląskie potato dumplings, and stewed red cabbage. Typical soups include "wodzionka," a bread soup made from stale bread, fat, and water, or "siemieniotka," a soup made of hemp seed, often eaten at the traditional Christmas Eve meal. Christmas is a sweet affair in Silesia. Holiday desserts range from "makówki"- a sweet poppy seed-based bread dessert, "moczka"- a combination of gingerbread soaked in dark beer, nuts, and a variety of dried fruit, or "śliszki" a poppy paste stuffed baked rolls topped with melted butter, grated gingerbread, and sugar. The flagship dessert cake with whipped cream is called "kopa," and a traditional dessert "szpajza" is a concoction of eggs, gelatin, sugar, and cacao.

To learn more about the “Silesian Flavors” Festival, please visit the official website https://www.slaskiesmaki.pl/

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