Invitation to Tender / Request for Proposal For Advertising package

New York, March 18th, 2019 th



  1. Requesting Party

Polish National Tourist Office.

Address:          5 Marine View Plaza 303B

                        Hoboken, NJ 07030

Telephone:      (201) 420-9910

Fax:                 (201) 584-9153


  1. Scope of proposal:

Promotion of Poland as a tourist destination in on-line or on-line + print channels; for detailed information see Attachment 1

  1. Bidders qualifications:
    • All the bidders must confirm in writing that are the following:
  2. A legal entity authorized to perform specific activities or actions, if law requires such authorization.
  3. Have the necessary knowledge, experience and technical capacity and have also a representative able to perform the contract.
  4. Not in the process of liquidation and have not been declared bankrupt.
  5. Not a subject to a prosecution preventing them from participating in the tender
  6. Not failed to pay taxes and other legal obligations.

Submitted and signed proposal form (Attachment 2) confirms the statements above.

  1. Communication with Ordering Party.

Person representing the Ordering Party is Magdalena Żelazowska –, phone: (201) 420-9910

  1. Proposal Guidelines
  • The Bidder can submit only one proposal
  • The proposal is binding for not less than 30 days, starting the day the proposal has been submitted
  • The proposal must include gross price (including all taxes and fees)
  • The project’s budget is approximately 30,000.00 USD
  • The proposal must align projects guidelines specified in the Attachment 1
  1. Proposal submission:
  • The proposal must be submitted by e-mail to address or by post to the Ordering Party
  • The proposal is due no later than March 31 st, 2019.
  1. Proposal evaluation:





Target group


Package structure


Activity monitoring


Distribution profile


  1. General information:
  • Upon notification, the contract negotiation with the winning bidder will begin.
  • Public Procurement Act dated January the 29th 2004 r (Dz. U. z 2015 r., poz. 2164 ze zm.) is not applicable to this invitation to tender in competitive procedure
  • Invitation to negotiation does not mean proposal’s approval.
  • Ordering Party reserves the right to:
  1. a) withdraw and cancel the procedure at any time and for any reason
  2. b) close the procedure without selecting winning proposal,
  3. c) change timeline in the invitation to tender
  4. d) request additional information from the bidders at any stage of the procedure
  • If the Ordering Party decides to enforce any of the rights listed at point 5, the bidders have no right to claim any compensation for preparing the proposal


Attachment 1: Detailed description the proposal’s scope

Attachment 2: Proposal form

Attachment 3: Detailed proposal evaluation criteria


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