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Kayak Trail on the River Krutynia


Type of route
- Canoeing
level of difficulty
- For beginners
Length of the route
- 93km


Mazury PTTK
Staromiejska 1

It is one of the most stunning waterways in Europe.  The varied route, measuring some 100km, is one of the largest “active” attractions of the Masurian Landscape Park.

The Krutynia trail is considered one of the most beautiful water routes in Europe. It is very interesting and varied not only does it pass through the Piska Forest, but also from the Mokre Lake through the Mazury Landscape Park which was created in December 1977. The River Krutynia has a cult status for kayakers as the venue for organising the most picturesque kayak safaris and attracting thousands of tourists each year. The whole trail can be completed by kayak in several days, or just selected sections. The flow of the River Krutynia is slow and the river has numerous bends. The whole kayak trail is 109km long and to follow its entire course takes 7 to 8 days. Starting in Sorkwity and ending in Ruciane Nida, it passes through 20 lakes, 8 rivers, 2 canals and 6 nature reserves. Along its entire route kayakers have the opportunity to see the wealth of the surrounding natural beauty as well as the many attractions including the Filiponi Monastery in Wojnow and the Wild Animal Park in Kadzidlowo. Along the whole length of the River Krutynia are points to hire kayaks. It is usual for visitors to leave their car when they pick up their kayaks and collect it where they finish the trail. Some companies also organise kayak tours for groups. River rafts can also be hired in the village of Krutyn. PTTK Mazury – Olsztyn (woj. Warminsko-Mazurskie) 

localization-imgLocation Map

Staromiejska 1
10-950 Olsztyn
Latitude and Longitude: 53.77754239999999,20.47777169999995
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