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Do Wieży Nature and Forest Trail


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Do Wieży (To the Tower) Nature and Forest Trail gives you the chance to discover local forests and the secrets behind a forester’s job.

The Trail leads to the Bismarc Tower, built in 1902 on one of the highest peaks of the Zielona Góra Mountain Range, called Góra Wilkanowska (the WIlkanowo Mountain, 221 m AMSL). Nowadays the tower is one of the elements of the fire monitoring of the National Forestry. You can start your trip in the Piastowski Park or at the Home of the Zielona Góra Forest District, at Łużycka Street. Both routes connect and then lead to the old tower. The Trail is perfect for weekend trips, popular among both the inhabitants of Zielona Góra, and school and tourist groups. There is a mini-arboretum, named after Jan Skrzetuski, beside the Home of the Forest District, that has many important educational values.

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Zielona Góra
Latitude and Longitude: 51.9356,15.5062
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