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Cycling Ring Trail around Konin


Type of route
- Canoeing
level of difficulty
- For beginners
Length of the route
- 70,8 km


PTTK Oddział Konin
Kolejowa 11
62-510 Konin

Konin and its surroundings, thanks to many easy well-paved roads with small car traffic and wide gravel roads are quite cycler-friendly.

Thanks to these roads, the formation of a 100 km-long cycling trail, so called ‘green ring trail’ around Konin was possible. What is more, 3 connecting trails (marked in black) give cyclers a possibility to modify the length of a trail and divide it into shorter or longer parts.
Connecting trails:
– Konin - Żychlin (5.3 km)
– Konin - Bieniszew (11.0 km)
– Konin - Grablin (10.0 km)

localization-imgLocation Map

Latitude and Longitude: 52.4177,18.4412
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