Wroclaw may be European Capital of Culture for 2016, but it by no means needs special events to be worth a visit. Its historic tenements, churches, and the spectacular location on the Oder River are without parallel.

Wroclaw Gnomes

Beloved by tourists and locals, the ubiquitous gnomes are dotting the city. There is a gnome asleep on a bed, one locked up in jail, another reading a book. They are a symbol of a dark period of history in Poland.

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice

The 19th-century painting commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Racławice. Unusual for the combination of painterly devices and technical effects, it is the only existing panorama painting in Poland.

The City Square  

Stunning for the myriad of restaurants and pubs, Wroclaw square is loved by locals and tourists alike. The Gothic City Hall, the whipping post, the fountain and Fredro's monument are the most popular landmarks here.

Szczytnicki Park

Established in the late 18th-century, the Szczytnicki Park  spans 100 hectares and is home to nearly 500 plant species. It includes a Japanese Garden, with lots of green paths, ponds and unique bridges.

The Gondola Bay

Explore the city’s waterways in a canoe. Rent one from the Gondola Bay i to see the city from a completely different angle.

Wroclaw Zoo

The oldest zoo in Poland, with over 7,000 species and a number of historic buildings. Recently, the Africarium has been added, home to water ecosystems of Africa.

The Four Temples District

An Orthodox Cathedral , a Roman Catholic temple, a Synagogue and the Protestant-Augsbourg Church - all within 300 metres from each other. Cultural events, restaurants, pubs and music clubs also make the Four Temples District worth a visit.

Grunwald Bridge

The 20th-century bridge is the only suspension bridge in Wrocław used by cars, trams and pedestrians. Unique for its construction, it is a world-famous technological monument.

Centennial Hall

Architecturally unique, the multipurpose Centennial hall is a venue for exhibitions, conferences, cultural and sport events. Erected in 1911-13, it has been included on the World Heritage list.

Ostrow Tumski

Ostrow Tumski is the historic heart of the city is a truly relaxing place to explore. Cobbled streets, lined with original gas lamps lit at dusk, add the romantic hue to the place.

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