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Golf Park Jantar


Opening hours:
Comments on. Available - Poniedziałek - Piątek: od 15.00 do zmierzchu; Sobota, Niedziela: od 12.00 do zmierzchu
- 20 -70 zł

Where can you find less than 300 meters, professionally prepared Driving Range?

In the oldest city in Poland, Kalisz. The Jantar Golf Park is a newly built Driving Range open to all comers.

There are 12 stands for practicing and learning the game of golf. The hotel is equipped with a professional golf equipment, which allows you to learn at the highest level. Lessons are conducted by golf trainers. The lessons are designed for everyone - adults, school children and students.

Jantar Golf Park is a place for both the players and people who want to improve their skills and for beginner golfers, who reach for the golf club for the first time, often with doubt and anxiety.

The club offers:

- Individual and group lessons (for beginners and advanced)

- Lessons for companies, including learning to play golf and social events

localization-imgLocation Map

Wiankowa street 63-67
62-800 Kalisz
Latitude and Longitude: 51.733782,18.1215614
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