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Dwie Doliny Muszyna - Wierchomla


Opening hours:
Comments on. Available - Poza sezonem do 23.XII i od 01.III do końca sezonu jeździmy w godzinach 9:00-17:00.
- 35 - 350 PLN


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The station is at the forefront of the best Polish ski stations. Diverse routes, wide slopes and good infrastructure. For the first in Poland two places - Wierchomla and Muszyna-Szczawnik - were joined into one ski resort.

Wierchomla offers a wide variety of ski slopes. There are 10 ski lifts: two chair lifts and and 8 ski lifts. The  station has a total capacity of 14 thousand people per hour.

localization-imgLocation Map

Wierchomla Mała 42
33-350 Wierchomla Mała
Latitude and Longitude: 49.4303,20.8284
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