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Tour de Pologne


General information

  • Facility type: Sport event


  • Start date: 2018-08-04
  • End date: 2018-08-10


  • Organizer:
  • County: warszawski
  • Commune: Warszawa
  • Locality: Warszawa
  • Street name: Pachnąca
  • House No: 81
  • Organizer zip code: 02-792
  • Phone: +48 226492491
  • Phone: +48 226492496
  • Fax: +48 226492498
  • email:


  • Rodzaj wydarzenia: Sports events

This multi-stage cycling race is one of the most important events in Poland’s sporting calendar.  Its route usually exceeds 1200km.

It is the largest sporting event in Poland. Held each year, this cycle race visits over 400 cities and towns in Poland. Along its route over 2million spectators come to cheer the cyclists. The Tour de Pologne (formerly known as Race Around Poland) is a multi-stage cycling roar race held regularly on Polish territory in August. Since its first running (1928) till 1992 it had the status of an amateur race (only in 1974 it was held as an Open format with the addition of professional riders). Since 1993, after the running of the race was taken over by the team of Czeslaw Lang, it is a professional race. From 2005 it has been included in the UCI Pro Tour series. It is also on the list of more than twenty leading cycle events of the world along side the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. The race director, Czeslaw Lang, is an accomplished Polish cyclist and winner of the Tour de Pologne in 1980. The entire length of the Tour de Pologne is around 1200km but in the past it was much longer (in 1953 riders had to cover 2311km) and its course takes it from north to south of Poland. Team Lang – Warsaw (woj. Mazowieckie)


Tour de Pologne

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str. Rynek Główny

Province: małopolskie

Latitude (Y):
N 50° 3' 40.5354"
Longitude (X):
E 19° 56' 13.1352"


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