Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship

Golden beaches sheltered by massive, sharp cliffs, fishing boats dragged out on the sand with seagulls soaring over them. You can enjoy these images typical for the Baltic coast in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship, but the less typical … such as the feeding of the bison – can be experienced as well.

The Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship is located in the north-western corner of Poland, with its borders with German Meklemburgia in the west, the coast, and Brandenburgia. It is eagerly visited by German tourists; being closer, cheaper and with no lack of attractions.

Szczecin, the capital of the region was the seat of the Gryfit dynasty for over 500 years. They ruled the Baltic coast from Rugia Island to Lębork in the east. Today their residence dominates the town – a Renaissance castle with green tower domes. An interesting visit is one to the cemetery; one of the biggest in Europe!

The Voivoidship is divided naturally into two regions – the Baltic shore and the Zachodniopomorskie lake district. This belt of the sandy shoreline has several resorts located on it - small Gąski, familiar Pobierowo, trendy Międzyzdroje and the big health resort of Kołobrzeg.

Wolin Island is the biggest attraction of the coast – with the Wolin National Park. Although there is an eagle on the emblem of the park, it is much easier to meet a bison. There are seven in Wolin island, all in a protected zone hidden in the pine forest. Any ‘surplus’ bison are sent inland, to Polish forests and sometimes abroad.

Zachodniopomorskie lake district with its hundred post-glacial lakes is a wonderful place for yachtsmen, kayakers, fishermen and cyclists. One of the most beautiful kayaking routes goes through the Drawienski National Park – rafting on the Drawa River flowing north to the south - it sometimes becomes a mountain creek.

The region has close relations with Scandinavia and Meklenburgia. There are ferries to Sweden and Denmark from Swinoujście, and tourists can take a boat trip on the Baltic from Polish to German resorts, such as Heringsdorf, Bansin and Ahlbeck.

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