Wielkopolska is a special place on the map of our country. This is where the first ruler of the Piast dynasty became the leader of several united Slavic tribes and was baptised a Christian by a German bishop. Over 1000 years ago Poland was born here.

The second largest Voivodship in Poland lies in the west of Poland surrounded by seven other Voivodships. Its landscape – golden fields, lakes, lazy, meandering rivers and forested areas spreading to the horizon – are in contrast to its history, full of war and bloody episodes, even the murder of kings.

Many of the historic sites on the Piast Trail date back to the 10th and 11th centuries, the time of the formation of the Polish state.

Poznań is the capital of Wielkopolska. It has an old town square considered the most beautiful in our country. The first rulers of Poland are buried in the Cathedral in Poznań. The rich past of the region has also left more contemporary traces: the impressive magnate’s palaces, today luxurious hotels. Rydzyna, Kórnik, Gołuchów, Antonin or Kobylniki surrounded by parks, are the favourite holiday destinations of many more demanding tourists.

A stay in Wielkopolska guarantees a certain excitement. Every year circles appear in the wheat fields near the small town of Wylatów. They have been examined over the years by UFO supporters and researchers into the para-normal. The last finding (2006): the largest meteor in Middle Europe weighing 164 kilos found in the Morasko protected zone somehow indicates that the Cosmos is, on occasion, partial to the Wielkopolska region!

Maybe it is the Cosmic influence or the larger history of the region present at every step that makes the inhabitants of Wielkopolska lead a calmer life, with no rush or petty worries. Peace - here easily sensed, and almost concentrated in its potency - is of the greatest importance.

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