Slaskie region

The outlines of foundries on the horizon. Factories and mining towers dominate the landscape of Silesia, one of the smallest Voivodships in Poland. There are not many rural landscapes here, but plenty of urban ones: 71, one next to the  other, dense, as in any industrial anthill. Run away? Why, no! Stay – as long as possible.

Ironically, the biggest industrial area in Poland is also one of the most interesting ones – from a visitor’s point of view. Located in the south of our country, the upper part of historical Silesia is as a treasure house full of riches – industrial and natural.
The old, usually 19th century mines in Zabrze, Rybnik and Tarnowskie Gory have been turned into interesting underground trails, and the mine shafts into art galleries. In the Tarnowskie Gory you can boat along flooded tunnels and take the world’s oldest, still in use, narrow gauge train!

The vast fortunes made in the 19th century in coal and ore have produced a diversity of marvelous residencies across the landscape. Today some of them have been turned into luxurious hotels. The palace in Pszczyna and the hunting lodge in Promnice, once belonging to the Hochberg family are the most magnificent and best kept historical sites in this part of Europe.

The beautiful forests and perfectly kept skiing slopes, in the undulating southern part of the Voivodship, are a breath of air and tranquility after the urban turmoil. The only natural desert in Europe is also in Silesia. Even mirages have been observed here!
Silesia contains some of the oldest Polish history. The Trail of the Eagles Nests from the 14th century is a route between several dozen Medieval fortresses, which, in the summer season, are turned into backdrops for festivals, shows, and concerts.

The south of the Voivodship, inhabited by Highland people, produces excellent beers: from Zywiec, recognized the world over, to that very special and valued for its unique, non-pasteurised flavour, the famous Brackie beer from a small brewery in Cieszyn. You can also buy lacework, including embroidered panties, made by Highland women from Koniakow.

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