Podlaskie region

The Podlaskie Region is located in the north-eastern part of our country and borders with Lithuania and Belarus.  It has always been an area where you can find a mosaic of Poles, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians, Tatars and Jews, each one enriching the culture of the region with its own traditions, history and religion.  But Podlasie is mostly known for its rich and abundant nature which you can discover visiting national parks or following endless waterways.

The highlight of Suwalskie Lake District is the deepest (108 m deep) lake in this part of Europe – Hancza Lake. It is cobalt blue and surrounded by rock formations. The whole area seems to be fairy tale like.  Another adventure starts in Augustowski Forest which borders with the Wigry Lake and the historical Augustowski Canal.  It is one of this kind waterways opened in 1839. There are 14 locks from the 19th century and they still operate - kayaking through them is an unforgettable adventure.  The central part of the region is crossed by two rivers surrounded by swamps: the Biebrza River (the refuge of 271 bird species) and the Narew.  But the most recognized is Bialowieza National Park, home to European biggest mammals – zubry, often called European bison.

The capital of the region is Bialystok, the biggest town in the area. Once a private town of the aristocratic Branicki family and a textile center where you can discover fascination history and interesting monuments including beautiful palace complex.
Podlaskie Region is one of the top holiday destination in Poland where you can still avoid crowd and enjoy the time your own way.

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