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Wine lovers guide to Poland

With the high cost of production and not a very favourable climate, Poland is not a large-scale wine producer. 

Poland is not a large-scale wine producer and local wine is still a niche product, available in online and some regular stores.  But, according to experts, Polish vineyards they can compete on European markets with quality and not quantity of the wine sold. The largest wine producing is in the south of Poland. Other regions where wine industry is becoming a way of life are that of Kazimierz Dolny, Wroclaw, Cracow, Zielona Gora and the Podkarpacie region.

The wine culture in Poland is popularized through some wine tasting events and wine festivals organized throughout a year. Some of the major wine-related events include:

Zielona Gora Wine Festival

Nine festive days, filled with concerts, outdoor events, street parades and many more, which have earned the city the title of Poland’s wine capital. Bacchus, the Roman god of wine is symbolically granted the keys to Zielona Gora at the time.

Wine Expo Poland

An international event, Wine Expo Poland offers visitors the opportunity to try and choose among a range of wines from all over the world, including white, red and rose wines, champagne, prosecco, sparkling wines, sherry and porto. It also recognized for enabling contact exchange between people in the wine industry.


Tuchovinifest is an international festival of wine organized annually in Tuchow. Apart from the International Wine Competition, it features wine tasting, wine-related panel discussions, music concerts and study visits to companies operating in the wine industry.

Janowiec Wine Festival

Organized annually in Janowiec Castle, the local wine festival draws wine producers and visitors to present and try wines produced in the Lesser Poland Gorge of the Vistula. 

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