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If you are looking for memorable culinary experiences, Poland does not disappoint. Polish restaurants offer excellent value for travelers visiting Europe and can please even the most discriminating palates. You can truly dine like a king while visiting Poland, even if your budget is not of royal proportions. There is something to please every type of diner here, from those seeking traditional Polish dishes to people who prefer modern cuisine with international influences. The quality is generally excellent and the furnishings of many restaurants in Poland are also exquisite, which makes dining out a memorable experience night after night.

Warsaw Restaurants
The Belvedere Restaurant Warsaw lets you escape the bustle of the city with its serene setting in an orangery in the Łazienki Królewskie Park-Palace Complex. The menu includes elegant renditions of traditional Polish fare painstakingly recreated in the same way it was prepared for ancient kings, as well as modern fusion dishes. The "Plate of traditional Polish starters" lets you sample some of the country's most delectable appetizers. Another great choice is the smoked venison, which is accompanied by a sauce made from local blackberries- a genius pairing of flavors that will make your taste buds weep with joy.

Atelier Amaro and Senses are both awarded 1 star by Michellin guide - must-try experience for every food- lover.

Krakow Restaurants
The Wierzynek Restaurant in Krakow is the place to go if you want to dine like a king. The list of past diners includes royalty, politicians, and other famous people from all over the world. Each room is decorated in a different theme with elegant touches like antique weaponry and artwork on display. The duck liver with flaming apple and honey mead sauce appetizer is presented beautifully and melts in your mouth. If you're looking for a main course that is different but not too daring, the saddle of roe deer with celery root and garlic purée is served with flavorful dumplings swimming in juniper sauce.

The name of Krakow's Chlopskie Jadlo means "peasant kitchen" and this restaurant has rustic décor that creates the perfect backdrop for serving old Polish recipes that have been enjoyed for centuries. Don't turn your nose up at the animal lard; when slathered onto hearty bread, it becomes a delicious spread with a succulent flavor you won't soon forget. The cabbage rolls stuffed with meat are an excellent rendition of a very traditional and tasty Polish food staple.

Krakow's Pod Aniolami, which means "under the angels", is a charming restaurant that occupies the basement of an ancient goldsmith. There is a heavy emphasis on grilled meat here, with wild boar and pigs' knuckles on offer for more adventurous diners. Sheep's milk cheese is transformed into something heavenly after some time on one of the restaurant's specialized grills. Don't forget to try their sublime pierogi, which have won the Krakow Pierogi Championship for several years in a row.

Baltic Coast Restaurants
Restaurant Targ Rybny in Gdansk is a marvelous waterfront restaurant that serves fresh seafood in Poland's Baltic Coast area. Delicate, flavorful fish makes up much of the menu here, with Baltic cod, oysters, sea bass, pike, and red snapper enjoying immense popularity among diners. You might want to start off the meal with a satisfying asparagus soup. If you're not fond of fish, the succulent prawns in garlic sauce are a noteworthy alternative. An impressive selection of local beers is perfect for washing it all down.


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