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Mazurian cuisine

The Mazurian cuisine is a mix of east-European and Prussian traditions. It is characterised by ingredients such as cream, smoked pork fat and freshly made butter.

The flavour of dill and caraway seeds dominates some of the dishes. Fish is very popular and often served. Smoked eel and bull trout are highly recommended. The real specialty, however, are potatoes which can be prepared in hundreds of ways, even for dessert. Potato pancakes and jacket potatoes served with scrambled eggs and cream are the most popular, followed by loin of pork, goulash à la Mazurian, zrazy, dybdzalki and karmuszka.

All rather difficult to translate, and pronounce, so the only way find out what these dishes are, is to try them. When visiting the Great Lake District don’t miss the opportunity to try the pea soup, regional sausages, roasted meat served cold and the regional delicacies: tylżycki and edamski cheese. Juniper beer is representative of the Mazury, as is the vodka served with an appetiser. The delicious desserts should also be sampled: marzipans, puddings and kisiel, a delicious (potato starch) sweet pudding.

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