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Cuisine of Zakopane

Zakopane has many restaurants where traditional, regional dishes are served. There are many intriguing and delicious flavours to be discovered in the Highland cuisine of this region.

The amount and variety of restaurants and taverns ensures that everyone will find the right place to sample the gastronomic delights of Zakopane: pażuchy, bukty, tarciochy, moskole, karpiele, żury, kołacze and kwaśnice. All rather difficult to translate, and to pronounce sometimes, so the only way find out what these dishes are, is to try them. Roasted goat meat – something every meat-eating gourmet should try. Oscypek a salted, smoked sheep cheese is a speciality which should not be missed. At the end of the day chilled mountaineers and tired tourists should try Highland electric tea – served with the local spirit (the drinkable kind) and "bombolki" with honey. Goes down a treat!

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