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Beerlovers guide to Poland

Poland is a beer-loving country, with brewing traditions dating back to the medieval times. It is produced by large breweries, owned by multinational companies, and small regional breweries, crafts and brewing pubs.

Some of the breweries hold their doors open for visitors, who can gain an insight into the beer-producing process and watch some beer-related exhibits, combined with beer tasting. There are also beer festivals where beer enthusiasts can try the new brews, talk to the brewers and participate in the beer making process.

Fancy finding out more about how beer ended up in the glass in front of you rather than just drinking it? You can now discover how beer is created at a tour of one of the breweries around the country.

Brewery tours

Lech Visitors Centre runs regular two-hour tours of the Lech Brewery, in which visitors can explore the maze of copper piping, learn about the finer details of the brewing process and try some of the beers in the brewery pub. You might also fancy visiting the packaging floor where 17 bottles and 27 cans are being filled within a single second or participating in other beer-related attractions.

Tychy Brewery

Located in a building of a former Evangelical chapel, the Tychy Brewery Museum gives visitors a chance to become a tasting connoisseur with tutored beer tasting sessions as well as a guided tour of the brewery itself. They can also learn about the history of the brewery or participate in the interactive beer-related games on touch panels.

Zywiec Brewery

Zywiec Brewery has been brewing beer for more than 150 years. The 19th-century street, the Zywiec restaurant of the 1920s and the latest brewery history with a collection of beer-related exhibits are what the visitors are offered in the stunning interactive Zywiec museum. Learning about the history of beer production is followed by beer tasting in the brewery pub.

Beer festivals

Beer festivals offer beer producers, especially craft beer producers, an excellent opportunity to present their brews to a larger audience. They are organised to celebrate  beers from across Poland, and are usually accompanied by music concerts, workshops, exhibitions, contests and beer tasting. Some of the major beer festivals include Birofilia Festival, Warsaw Beer Festival, Beer Geek Madness in Wroclaw, Good Beer Festival, and many other similar events. 

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